[Story] Fairsong Academy – Maerista’s Journal

I’ve been trying to write my story about Galedor the Very Brave and Handsome Ranger (who has a Mysterious Past) but writing is a lot more difficult than it looks! I mean, I’ve written plenty of school papers about magic theory and history, but that’s different. With a story, you have to make everything up. And I’m not sure if I should put in kissing things or even more than that, I mean I really don’t have a lot of experience with that so I think I wouldn’t describe it well at all. Plus, what if he ever found it? Luckily the girls didn’t ask me what I was writing.

Des wanted to know just about everything else though. It’s like she thinks we’re friends or something now just because I got flowers. She was being a big know-it-all and telling me about how to dry flowers, as if I’d never thought of that myself. Actually I had a better idea, I’ve asked Vaildor if he could paint a picture of them. Lots of painters like to paint flowers, so I think it would be good practice for him. Then I could hang the painting in my room forever. I think I’ll still dry a couple of them as well, just because. But it was just kind of embarrassing how she kept making a big deal about it, and she said I looked happy when he brought them. Why is she watching me? Usually none of them pay any attention to me at all. That’s a bit creepy. She asked if we danced at the ball (no) and said she’d never talked to him. That’s because he’s quiet and mysterious and doesn’t talk much to anyone, at least that I see. I wonder if he has a dark secret or something, I bet he does. I just hope it isn’t anything too bad.

Oh, and one of the ranger girls was asking about it too, how does everyone already know?! It’s not like we’re officially seeing each other or anything. I think my father would die if he found out. They haven’t mentioned anything about any summer balls yet, so maybe they’ll forget. Now I kind of regret asking them to look for someone, because what if they find someone now? That would make things a lot more complicated. I don’t even know if he’ll be back soon, I haven’t seen him since he brought the flowers. I’m sure he has a lot of important ranger things to be doing.

Xarola suggested that I try things from her stupid book. That book definitely doesn’t work! Then she said maybe they have one for men. She wants to get one for that boy that talks to her. I think that would be a little too obvious, but I didn’t say anything. Des wants us all to have boyfriends so we can talk about them or something. I don’t think I want to tell them anything about him, and especially if he tells me something secret.

I’m going to try writing again today after my lessons. I got pretty far on the scene where Galedor is fighting off the waves of Scourge with his sword — I need to think of a name for it. Swords in stories always have names, and I think it would be better that way. I haven’t figured out what his dark secret will be yet, maybe he’s secretly a prince or something. That would be good. I thought about putting an evil summoner named Dezriel or something but I think that might be a bit too obvious.

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