[Story] The Ghostclaw – Linarelle’s Journal

Well, I talked to him, but now I feel terrible. When I got to the school, Des was in the sitting room so I was able to ask her about the flowers. She seemed surprised that I didn’t know, of course I don’t know, that’s why I’m asking! Gael got them for one of the older students, Mae. I don’t think they seem to like her very much, but Des said she was smiling all night after she got the flowers. I’ve never talked to her much myself, she seems nice enough and certainly too smart to want someone like him. I guess it’s none of my business anyway, but I have no idea what she could see in him. He is cute, at least, but there’s plenty of cute guys around — and plenty who are studying to be mages. Des thought it was strange that he wouldn’t tell us, though. I wonder if her parents know!

Keyalenn got some flowers from the garden and he even tied them with a ribbon. He wrote a little card which was kind of embarrassing. I mean, it’s sweet but it’s a bit much. He said I was the most beautiful woman in the world, which is obviously not true. I asked if we could talk, and he said we could while he did his homework — excuse me, his practice. I asked if he could show me a spell and he made a little mana crystal. I didn’t even know that was possible! I wonder if they could be used for jewelry or something like that. Anyway, I figured I would just be honest and I said I thought the age difference was too great between us. He argued that his mother was 50 years older than his father, which I admit is pretty unusual. But I just can’t see myself with someone who still has to study for his exams and has to write home for permission for things. Maybe if he was older. When I said that, he started talking about some spell that would artificially age people. That sounds dangerous to me, and frankly a bit weird. What if it wears off? Wouldn’t your mind still be the same age? Do you just wake up one morning fifty years older? I’m a bit worried he’s going to actually try to do it. I hope Hethurin stops him. He was also worried that I like Ty, I told him I don’t know. I mean he’s nice too, but I keep thinking it would feel different when it’s the right person. I haven’t felt that. Maybe it takes time, and it hasn’t happened yet. Or maybe I’m just being too picky. I felt like I had to argue my case, I’ll admit Keyalenn is very persistent. I told him there were plenty of girls closer to his age in the city, but he said he didn’t want one of those. I don’t know. I should ask Nessna about it, at least she’s had experience unlike the girls at the school. Besides, Mae obviously has questionable taste.


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