[Screenshots] Kanrethad, Day 1

So I’m trying to finish my warlock’s green fire quest so I can be cool, and get the title. Today was my first real attempt at fighting him, before was just getting to him — which I had to completely redo since it didn’t save my progress last time. Let’s hope all future attempts drop me at the top!



Nipsy (best imp ever) talked me into stealing Illidan’s stuff. Good thing too, because we have a lot of repairs to cover.

Most of my difficulty so far has been finding an add-on that will reliably dispel for me. For whatever reason, Vuhdo (which I’ve used for years), and Decursive both can’t manage my imp-sac dispel. So I’ve been doing it manually, which isn’t really ideal and means I miss a lot of dispels (and die because of it, a lot). I’ve made it to the felhunter stage a few times. From what I’ve read that is the most difficult, so hopefully it’ll be smooth sailing after that. My lock’s gear is 538 so this should be easy if I can manage the adds properly.

Below is a random picture of a dinosaur eating Silvermoon that I found in my screenshots folder.




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