[Story] Fairsong Academy – Vynlorin’s Journal

We’re back at school again. I went home because it was just to the city, which isn’t very far at all. I got to hear everyone talk about all the new things they are developing, I guess it’s kind of interesting but I’ve just been hearing about it for so many years. Like can’t I talk about my spells instead? Mostly they just wanted to know if I’d passed my classes (which I did). I mean it’s mostly just theory at this point, but Magister Firewind did make us manipulate a flame which I must have done okay on. I don’t even think they’re interested in what I’m doing, just that I’m not going to drop out and waste their money. It’s kind of frustrating, but at least I can talk to the other students about magic stuff. Although usually we end up talking about other things, like girls.

Keyalenn got the painting back from Vaildor. It’s huge like, really big. I don’t know how he’s going to carry that down to the ranger building, he might have to rent a wagon or something because I don’t think Des or the Magister are going to make him a portal. And I have to admit, it looks pretty good. The way Vaildor painted the hair and the clothes is really good, plus all of the little scales on the dragon. I’m just still not sure it’s the kind of thing a girl would like for a present, especially if you don’t know her very well. I guess we’ll find out when he gives it to her. He used all of the money he was supposed to buy books with, which must have been a lot. I guess Vaildor is going to have a lot of spending money. I just wonder what Keyalenn is going to do next week or so when we actually need to buy books. Salastion thinks that she’ll like it, but honestly I’m not sure either of them know very much about girls. I mean they talk about them a lot but I don’t think either of them really has much experience. Not that I do, I just mean I wish one of them did so I could get some better advice.

I saw Xarola in class the other day but we didn’t really get to talk. We pretty much just said hello before the Magister came in. They said I should ask her about her vacation, that’s a good idea. Or maybe ask about the books she read. That’s a good idea too. I doubt she wants to hear about my boring break. I’ll have to try to find her in the library or in one of the common rooms, or maybe she’ll read outside now that it’s warm out. That reminds me, we also had the idea to go swimming down by the beach. I’m not sure that’s exactly allowed, but they pointed out that we go there to practice so it must be safe. I hope so, I don’t want to get kicked out of school. I also don’t want to get murloc slime on me or something. I don’t think we’ll invite the girls, it doesn’t seem like something they’d like to do, plus they might tell the Magister.


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