[Story] Fairsong Academy – Maerista’s Journal

The summer term starts up tomorrow. I think most of my friends back in the city are taking the summer off, going on holidays and things like that. I’m a little jealous, but I suppose it’s better to keep studying so I don’t forget everything again in the fall. I want to be ready to take my exam by then, that’s my goal. I know I’ll do fine on the fire parts of the exam, and possibly arcane, but I have a ways to go with frost. I guess summer is the best time to be working on ice magic! I want to really work hard and finish, and I thought this school would be good for that — which it is, it’s far away from everything and there’s only a few students and we get lots of time with the professors. But it’s kind of distracting too, which I don’t mind but it does make it kind of difficult.

I was reading last night and two of the rangers came to the school, they said they came for dinner but Gael brought flowers which means he can’t just have come for dinner. They were so pretty! I asked Tik for a vase to put them in, and I put them on the dining room table so everyone could see them (especially Des). I’ve never got flowers before, well from my parents but that doesn’t exactly count, I mean like a boy. Except he’s not a boy, he’s older and he has a job and everything. I think someone should write one of those romantic adventure stories about him, because his hair looks just like one of the men in those books. I guess I could, but of course I’d have to change his name. Maybe Galedor or something, I don’t know. But he’s a ranger so he’s an impeccable shot with his bow and he has really big muscles from that, and he also has a sword that’s bigger than any of the other rangers, he uses that for fighting Scourge. Gael (the real Gael) said that he hasn’t really shot anything yet, but he did burn a bunch of spiders. I think that’s pretty disgusting, I don’t know how he was able to do that. But it would make a better story if he’s fighting Scourge I think. Anyway the book will talk a lot about his big muscles and his beautiful long hair that shines in the sunlight.

He asked if there’s going to be a ball this summer, and I said I don’t know. I kind of think there won’t, just because it’s so much work for Terellion and Tik. I said it would most likely be in the fall, when the students all go back to school and the trees will be in their autumn colors. He asked if I wanted to dance! I said I did. I hope I didn’t say yes too fast and seem desperate. I asked about why he didn’t stay at the last one, but he didn’t really answer. That’s so mysterious, I should put that in the book too. He has a mysterious past and doesn’t tell anyone about it. Except maybe the girl. That’s probably why he didn’t talk to me before, he was thinking about his mysterious past. I should go through my closet and see if I have any good summer dresses, I might have to get some new ones. After dinner I put the flowers in my room so I could look at them.



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