[Story] Fairsong Academy – Maerista’s Journal

Last night we went into the city to look for robes for Lani’s wedding. The Magister went with us, but he wanted to go and look at different shops, so we agreed to meet up with him later for dinner. That’s a good thing, because it would have been pretty weird talking about underthings with him there. I mean it was weird already, but more weird. Lani tried on a few gowns, we all agreed that the third one was the prettiest. It’s very modest and it has lovely gold embroidery all over it. I think Lani was a little confused by the idea of having a color, she said she wanted white, but I explained there’s usually another color too. I guess it could be gold, that’s very classic and pretty. The rest of us looked at bridesmaid’s dresses, they had a lot of cute ones. They were kind of expensive but I don’t think my parents will mind too much, they’ll probably think it’s nice that I’m getting first-hand wedding experience. I haven’t talked to them about that lately. I guess I’m waiting to see if anything happens with the rangers yet. So far, nothing has.

Anyway, we found some dresses that matched and Lani agreed they looked nice. I admit I thought it was going to take way longer. It’s easy to spend all day trying on dresses and going to different shops.  Lani didn’t even want to get any shoes! We did talk her into going to the shop that sells underthings. Des explained that she’d need them for the trip and the first night. That’s true but I wonder how she knew that! I didn’t like the first one she tried on, it looked as if trolls had made it. The red one she tried after was way better! It hardly covered anything at all, which means it’d be perfect for that kind of thing. There was a black one too, but we all agreed the red was better, it matched her hair nicely too. Lani doesn’t want to get a garter, which I think is a little strange but it’s her wedding. I don’t know what the guys are going to catch though. One of them needs to catch something so they can get married next!

After that we went to the shop with black curtains, to get things for Lani’s party the night before. I’ve never been in there before, but of course I’ve walked by and knew what it was. Xarola said she had! I couldn’t believe it! We found some funny candy and a game. There were all kinds of things there, I didn’t know what most of them were for. Xarola said they have frozen flavored ice pops in the summer. Can you imagine! We also looked at a book, I think it was a guide of sorts. Lani didn’t believe they really looked like that, but none of us had ever seen one in person so I don’t know how she would know. I mean, everything else in the book looked right so why wouldn’t that part? I kept wondering if that’s how the rangers would look, and then I felt embarrassed for even thinking that.

We went to get dinner at the cafe, they all said I should go by again and tell them that I’m back from break. I think that would just be weird, not to mention desperate. They must know that break doesn’t last that long, if they wanted to come by the school they would. Usually they do, because they know Tik will be cooking. I explained to Xarola that her book didn’t work, but she said they never looked at boys when we were around either. She thinks maybe they don’t like anyone. I guess that’s possible. Or maybe they just haven’t found the right one, which means I’m not it. That’s sad but definitely possible. Then Lani said we should go there to invite them to the wedding. You’re supposed to send them in the mail! And it doesn’t take four of us to deliver some invitations anyway. Lani has strange ideas sometimes. I don’t think I would do that, it would be too embarrassing!


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