[Story] Fairsong Academy – Morthorn’s Notes

Lani wasn’t at home when I stopped by to visit. Of course, I’d meant it to be a bit of a surprise so I hadn’t told her I would be by. I ended up sitting with Des and Vaildor, who told me that Lani had gone into the city for something. That “something” turned out to be under-things, as best as I could tell — Des was being rather vague about it all. I’m not sure why Lani would need that today, or honestly that she even knew such shops existed. I think those sort of things are really more for ladies to feel pretty, I know most men aren’t concerned with what they’re wearing so much as what’s underneath it. Des said that Lani was also going to look at the flower shop, though if it’s being held in the garden she won’t need many.

Hethurin has agreed to let Lani hold the wedding at the school, but there’s some concern about their mother and some other of their siblings. I’ve never met them personally, aside from the one in Kalimdor. She didn’t strike me as cruel, only a little strange. Of course, I’ve heard much worse things about their mother. Vaildor asked if I hadn’t better meet Lani’s mother; I suppose he has some point there, but I’m not worried that Lani will turn out like her. Besides, she is established enough that she needn’t ask permission from her parents for what she decides to do in life. I did at least speak to her father, more for the sake of tradition than anything else. Vaildor was concerned about introducing himself to her, as she is technically speaking his mother. I hope he doesn’t say that in front of Lani, I think it would hurt her feelings a bit. She’s taken her role very seriously, and filled out the paperwork to formally adopt him. Vaildor thought their mother wouldn’t agree to pay for his schooling, and it’s possible that he’s right about that. Though certain portrait artists are in high demand in Silvermoon, it’s not exactly a profession that most parents would choose for their children. I’m glad that Hethurin and Isturon have agreed to help him, I can’t wait to see how his skills grow there. He’s already got a great deal of natural talent, he’ll surely refine it there. Maybe one day his mother will be asking him to paint portraits as well.

I should ask Lani about who I plan to invite. I haven’t any family left — well, there have long been rumors of an older half-brother, but I don’t know his name or location. Or whether or not he exists at all. If he does, I doubt that he’d be interested in attending anyway. Most likely I’ll invite some of my patients, the ones I’ve been seeing for many years since I returned to the countryside. It’s not quite the same thing as family, but I’m sure they will enjoy the party and they’re happy for me I suppose. At least it’ll make the benches look less empty.



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