[Story] Fairsong Academy – Maerista’s Journal

I asked Terellion if he’d make a little cake for the rangers, with cream filling inside. I think he figured out why pretty quickly. He kept asking if I wanted any names put it on. He’s a brat sometimes! But he made it, and it looked lovely. (I checked for names before I took it.) Since it’s the end of the semester, there isn’t much work to do other than tests, so I finished pretty early. I didn’t dare ask for a portal because I knew Des or Hethurin would ask way too many questions. So I walked, luckily I still have an old pair of boots so I didn’t have to ruin any good ones. I wore a really nice dress though, I thought I should look nice.

It was just about dark when I got there, and I guess some of the rangers were out on patrol because I only saw Ty and Gael there. They said there’s another dead one besides Orledin, and she goes on patrol with him at night. That’s so creepy! I don’t think I could sleep knowing there were two undead in the building. Speaking of the building, it’s really quite nice. There’s a sitting area for everyone to gather, and a kitchen off to the side of that. The men and women have rooms on opposite ends, and there are some storage rooms as well as the captain’s office. I guess I pictured it being a lot more rustic, but it’s actually quite nice. I guess Gael helped make the plans and supervise the construction, he used to do a lot of building on Quel’Danas. I think he should say he’s an architect, that sounds a lot better than a builder. He also said he’s not very good at being a ranger, but then Ty said he was. So I’m not sure what that was about. They both liked the cake, although I kind of had to coax them to eat it. They let me have a piece too, I guess it’s okay as long as they don’t eat it all. I want to make sure everyone gets some. Well, everyone alive at least.

They wanted to know about the ghosts at the school and I also talked about magic a little bit. It’s kind of strange to remember there are people who don’t know anything about it at all, I hope I explained it okay. Sometimes I go off about theory and stuff and they have no idea what I’m saying. By the way, Xarola’s idea didn’t work. Neither of them looked at all. I even flipped my hair. So I guess that means they really aren’t interested, although Gael did walk me back to the dragonhawk master in town. I was happy about that because I thought we’d get to talk more, and we did, but he mostly talked about ranger things. They can track a person or animal using different clues on the ground and things, I mean it was actually kind of interesting I guess, but still. Maybe it’s for the better, I know my father wouldn’t approve at all. Maybe if he was an architect. But in the stories that kind of thing happens all the time, and they always find some way to make it work out. I guess that’s just stories though.

His hair is so pretty, it’s longer than mine. He didn’t flip it at all though. Oh, and they were talking about looking at Lin in the bath. Someone ought to warn her about that.



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