[Story] Fairsong Academy – The Spring Ball

[[ Sorry kind of short, we’re in the final days before our move! ]]

I ended up just wearing my armor for the ball, which was okay since I saw lots of other people in armor too. Kestrae wore one of her red robes, which matched pretty well and made it look like it was totally planned. Most of the ball we spent at the tables near the food, which I was happy about, because the food was really good. I kept going back for more, thankfully they’d made plenty. Anytime one plate started to get empty, Tik would bring out a new one. Actually I wonder if it was conjured? I didn’t think to ask. Either way, it was amazing. Kes and Aeramin discussed investigating the ziggurat. They’ve already spoken to the rangers, so they know about the plan to go in there. I’m sure they don’t know the actual reason, but as long as no one is getting shot, that’s enough. I know there’s some history between Kestrae and the ranger captain, but I don’t want to pry too much about it. She didn’t seem upset by him being there, anyway. Xanaroth came by to talk too — or actually, to get some of the food. He said that Vallindra wanted him to bring some home. But I’m pretty sure he was there to get some for himself too. They talked more about the ziggurat, and about how it sat on top of the ley-lines. I still get a little nervous when she talks to them, because I know what they actually mean even though it sounds like they’re talking about regular magic stuff. It’s almost like a code or something. The other night, Kestrae was talking about doing more dragon research, but I don’t know how she would be able to do that here. There’s not even a library in town, she’d have to go into Silvermoon. But I’d much rather she did that instead of summoning.

She’s also kind of fixated on babies right now. She watched Rylad and kept commenting how cute he was when he was playing, and she asked a lot about Raleth’s baby. Well, I guess he’s getting pretty big now but I think he still counts as a baby. She was sad that he wasn’t able to bring him, but she promised to visit soon. I know what it means when women start wanting to see a lot of babies, it means she wants one of her own. Sometimes she says she’s too old but I don’t really think that’s true. But that’s probably part of the reason why she’s thinking about it so much. I honestly haven’t much, maybe because it was never really a possibility when I was out in Shadowmoon. I think it would be kind of scary, I haven’t taken care of one before and I’d be afraid to mess up. But I guess most people have no experience when they first have one. I guess I’d rather be a little more settled before thinking about anything like that — we don’t even really know where we’ll be staying, and I still don’t really know what I want to do. Maybe I should ask that Confessor for advice. Kes said that he’d just got engaged so I bet he knows how I am feeling right now.



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