[Story] Fairsong Academy – The Spring Ball

I should have stayed upstairs after all! I mean, the food was really good but it was pretty awful overall. First of all Salastion wore almost the exact same robe as me! How embarrassing! He was saying it was good because we matched, ugh! You aren’t supposed to wear exactly the same thing. First we ate, the spinach things were good but I was so afraid I’d get some stuck in my teeth or something. Hopefully I didn’t, if I did, Salastion didn’t say anything about it. We danced for one song, he was okay but not great. At least he didn’t trip or step on my shoes, and he didn’t stare down my dress because I picked one with a high neckline. Afterward I sat with Xarola, she was just reading on a bench. I wonder if she would rather have stayed upstairs too. Anyway she was trying to figure out who I wanted to dance with and she kept guessing all these people that didn’t even make sense, like Tik. I didn’t end up telling her. Then she said she read a book and you’re supposed to go up and talk to them first and seduce them. I told her to prove it and she pushed her boobs out. I thought for sure no way that would work, but Salastion came over and it was like I didn’t exist anymore. Wow! What a creep. I told her all guys better not be like that.

Anyway then Keyalenn decided that I was a horrible person for not sitting with Salastion the whole night. I agreed to dance, no one said I had to talk to him the whole night! And besides, he was staring at Xarola’s chest, that’s way worse. Then Keyalenn thought Xarola and I were together, honestly? Where does he get these ideas? Probably from those horrible books he reads. I went inside because I just didn’t want to listen to him anymore and I didn’t want him to see me crying. I hung out in the kitchen for a while watching Tik make up the plates. (And I might have eaten some, too.) When I came back out, some people had left already. I didn’t even get to talk to him at all, let alone dance. But at least Keyalenn had left. I sat and read for a while, until one of the guards came over to get some food. He had really big weapons. He asked if I wanted to dance, which I didn’t really but I couldn’t think of a good excuse. He was actually a pretty good dancer, but he just wanted to talk about hawkstriders all the time. I mean, there are worse subjects — I managed to ask some questions so I seemed like I was interested. I saw Lin watching us which makes me wonder if she was mad that he was dancing with me. It’s not my fault! He talked a lot about his cousin or brother or whatever who wants to move to Silvermoon. And he doesn’t want to work on the farm anymore, but he’s not sure what else he wants to do. I guess I don’t blame him, I bet it smells really bad on a hawkstrider farm.

There was a lot of us who stayed near the food table, myself included. One of the ranger guys was there and he didn’t have a date either so we were talking a bit. He was actually pretty nice, he was giving me advice about girls and stuff. It seemed like he knew a lot, which made it strange that he was here alone. But he said he just hadn’t found the right one yet, I know it’s not easy because there’s hardly any girls out here. He said I should definitely ask someone to dance, but Mae was dancing with Salastion and Xarola was just reading her book. She had a really pretty robe on, it looked expensive. I just had my school robe, because I don’t have any other ones. I guess I could have gone into the city to the second-hand shop but I didn’t have time. There’s no way my parents were going to pay for another one anyway. At first I thought she might say no, because she said she hadn’t any proper lessons. She’d just learned in regular school for a couple of weeks, because they say it’s something a sin’dorei should know. So I told her that I hadn’t either and I think that made her feel better. She said we could see who was worse, I wasn’t insulted because I was pretty sure that I would be.

She stepped on my feet a few times and I’m sure I stepped on hers but I didn’t mind too much. She has small feet. We even danced for more than one song! I think she had fun, at least I hope so. We kind of danced behind some bushes so no one could see how bad we were, but I don’t think anyone was really looking at us anyway. I hope this means she’ll talk to me more.

I’m so relieved that everything went all right. I was sweating the entire time, I think. And trying to think of the right words, in the end I didn’t use any of them and I don’t think it was very romantic at all. I’ll have to make it up to her, send a letter or flowers or something. She was just quiet for a while, I thought maybe she was going to say no, and then she cried, which was scary. But she said she was just happy. For as much as I think I understand people, she proves me wrong often. And she hadn’t thought about where to have the ceremony or where to go after; I thought certainly she’d have the whole thing planned out already. Maybe she was just too surprised, but she already knew so how could she be? Anyway, she liked the ring and I think it fit okay. She finally went to go show everyone after I nudged her about it a little.

It was funny, I asked if she’d already built separate rooms in the building in town and she hadn’t. I guess she knew after all! She said I wouldn’t have planned to live there otherwise, which is true I guess.

I’ll have to ask Vaildor if he’d like to paint a portrait, I think that would be nice. I’m still not exactly sure what he is to us, and whether he’ll live in town or here at the school — or in Silvermoon with his actual father. It’s a complicated situation. It’s been so long since I lived with anyone else, I’ll have to relearn that as well. I’m sure I have some habits that would annoy her — though she didn’t mention anything in Kalimdor. I guess that was a bit different.

The most surprising thing is that I don’t feel guilty anymore — but then I feel a bit guilty for not. I think anyone would agree that enough time has passed though, and it’s not wise to live too much in the past. I don’t know what I’ll say when she asks about children though. Maybe she won’t for a while yet.

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