[Story] Fairsong Academy – The Spring Ball

I guess the ball was all right. I wore the red dress that I bought from a goblin, I’d been hoping for a chance to use it because it’s nice. Ty said he liked it, but only after I said the cake looked lovely, it was really awkward. Actually the whole thing was kind of awkward. He’s a good dancer though, better than I am. His parents must have paid for lessons. And the food was really good, they had all sorts of little foods you could pick up with your fingers and eat in a bite or two. The cake was gorgeous, it was pale green with pretty flowers all over it, I think they were all made of icing. I can’t imagine how long that must have taken to make.

One of the students brought me a plate of food, at first I thought they were serving everyone but then he asked if I’d come with Ty. He seemed really disappointed, and went and sat over by himself for the rest of the evening. I felt bad for him — I mean, he’s way too young but one dance wouldn’t hurt. So when Ty went over to get more food, I danced one song with the student. I thought Ty might get mad, but he said it was a nice thing to do. Hopefully at least someone has a nice evening. No one else asked me to dance. I guess I knew that would happen though. I mean Ty’s nice, but I just don’t feel that burning urge to talk to him. Probably because I already spend a lot of time with him on patrol, I don’t know. I’m not giving up quite yet, but I don’t want to be with him just because he’s the only single guy at the ranger building.

I did talk to Im a little. He went in the school to use the bathroom, and on the way back he passed through the kitchen where all the extra platters of food were waiting. He stayed in there for a while. Maybe I should have done that!

I’m not really a party sort of person, but I’m really glad we went. Nessna looked so amazing in her armor and the garden had flowers everywhere, and these little lanterns with candles inside that almost looked like fireflies. Tik and Terellion are really good at decorating, I’ll give them that. And cooking. The food is fantastic, I wish I could cook that well. I guess if I just cooked all the time, eventually I would. I hope they invite us up here more so that we can have more of it. Kestrae was there, with the archer from Shadowmoon. They mostly were talking to Aeramin and Imralion though, so I don’t even know if she noticed me. Nessna’s father was there too, he watched Rylad while we were dancing. I was so nervous, I haven’t danced in ages, but I think I did okay. I didn’t step on her feet at least. I thought she might need to rest because of her ankle, but she said she didn’t. Mostly she was worried that her father or Lani might noticed that she was favoring it a little. I guess I know what it’s like having a healer who worries too much in your family, let alone two. But Lani was dancing with the Confessor, I don’t think she noticed Nessna at all.

I think Rylad had fun too. He was only eating cake at first (thanks a lot, Isturon) so I wanted to make sure he had some actual food to eat. I got him to eat it by saying it’s what a tiger likes to eat, so then he was going around roaring and biting. He’s so cute. I hope he’ll want to be a ranger when he’s older, though Isturon was sure to remind Nessna that he might not. At one point she had to go inside to change Rylad, so I was out there with him alone. We didn’t really talk though, I mean I just talked about how well Nessna was doing and how she was helping to train the recruits. I did mention that we could use a few more, and he said he’d put up a flyer in his office in Silvermoon. I kind of wanted to talk to him more but I got scared, and anyway Nessna came back then.

We didn’t end up staying too long, Rylad fell asleep, and Nessna thought we’d have more fun at home. She was right about that. I still wish I could figure out how to tell her.


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