[Story] The Ghostclaw – Linarelle’s Journal

After patrol, Ty asked about going to the dance again. He said it didn’t have to be together like an actual date or anything, just that we should all go. Except Nessna and the Captain are going together, and Orledin and Sorrowmoss aren’t allowed to go, so that just leaves him and Gaelardrim. I’m fairly sure he doesn’t want to go with me, so even going “all together” means I’d be going with Ty. I said that I guess it would be okay, which isn’t really a very enthusiastic answer but I don’t really want to go all that much. Sure, the food will be good, but there’s really not anyone that I want to see and dance with. Okay, there might be, but the chance of it actually happening is practically non-existent anyway. Maybe it wouldn’t be so bad, he’s a little older than me but not too much. But it would be kind of strange since we’re both in the same unit — except not really because I know that happens all the time. Like I said, Nessna and the captain. He just seems a little undecided about what he wants in general, though I guess he’s decided he wants to stay and be a ranger. Though sometimes he talks about buying a house here and stuff, I don’t know. He did get me some nice yellow flowers and a little box of chocolates, which I admit helped make up my mind a bit. It’s hard to say no to that. And he said that if it’s really awful, we can leave early. We have a built-in excuse with the ziggurat right now.

Speaking of that, I feel bad for Orledin and Sorrowmoss not being able to go. Well, I don’t think Sorrowmoss really cares either way, but I think Orledin would have enjoyed it. It must be awful knowing that people don’t want you around them. They’re going to have to do the perimeter checks around the ranger building as well as the usual ziggurat patrol. I really hope we find something soon, just so this can be over with. It’s really making everyone nervous and on edge knowing there’s a summoner out there, and who knows how many imps — or worse. No one’s found one since the Captain, although Nessna did find one at the house. I really hope her ankle is better in time for the dance, it would be a shame if she wasn’t able to go. I think the captain is more excited about it than she is. I have to admit I’m a little jealous, but there’s nothing to be done about it now. Ty kept asking if I was going to talk to Imralion at the ball. I guess so? I don’t have too much to tell him. I do want to ask if he has any advice about finding and killing demons, but other than that I don’t really want to spend the ball talking to my brother. Even if it’s not a proper date, I don’t think.

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