[Story] Sideways – Training

Hethurin has brought Des to hone her invisibility before we go after Sanimir. I don’t really like it, but it’s better that all present are prepared when we do finally catch up to him. And I’d rather have numbers on our side, if nothing else. Zarah told me that he learned how to travel from the Infinites — that’s both a relief and more worry. I’m relieved that I’m not responsible for having a rogue mage tangling up timeways, even a different version of me. I’m more worried because I know next to nothing about Infinite magic, other than it’s powerful. Very little is known about it either, only scant references that the flight itself must have overlooked. I have a feeling they’re keeping everything secretive for good reason. And of course there’s no library here. Hethurin wanted to come to this awful goblin seaport, I really can’t fathom why. He says it’s peaceful, but it’s so much noisier than the school. There are horns from the ships constantly coming in and out of the docs, plus the jabbering of the goblins, and the dock workers, and that’s not even counting the seagulls. I think these are possibly the worst creature in this timeline, or any. They never stop screeching, and they circle overhead and poop all over the roof and walkways. I don’t know how anyone could find this place peaceful at all.

I’m doing the best I can to find out anything about Infinite spells, any piece of information that could arm us against them. Des keeps coming in to bother me. I’m evidently her test subject for invisibility — I only agreed to it because it’s fairly hard to cause any harm with that kind of spell. But it’s still annoying having her point her wand and mutter at me all the time. Can’t she make the seagulls disappear? That would be better. She has managed to turn me invisible a time or two, but it’s not as reliable yet as it must be. And she must work on maintaining it longer. I know it’s not easy, but that’s why we are here practicing.

I miss Tik’s food. The stuff here is barely edible, but the jungle isn’t much better. The only things I’ve been able to find so far are gorillas and raptors. Gorillas are smelly and have too much fur to swallow, they tickle. And eating a raptor would be a little too much like eating a whelp. Hethurin has been able to catch fish most days, but not always. And we eat a lot of fish back at the school already. I’ve seen the humans that live on the beach, they must have some cows or sheep or -something-. I can almost understand why black dragons resort to eating humans. Almost.

If Des asks me to transform again, I might eat her. She won’t stop pestering me about it. We’re trying to avoid being noticed, I think the goblins might notice a dragon in one of their buildings! Not to mention I’d probably get stuck. No thank you. I suspect she also wants to see if she would fit on my back, that’s not going to happen either. She was very curious about Zarah and her Timewalker. I expect she’ll get to meet them soon. I didn’t mention that Zarah lets hers ride on her back. I’d never hear the end of it.

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