[Story] Fairsong Academy – Vynlorin’s Journal

Salastion and I have been using the little area between our rooms for a study place. Last night Keyalenn came up to visit too, so it ended up being more of a talking place than a study place. It was kind of nice though, having our own little area to talk. Usually the girls take over the dining room and they’re loud. I guess Keyalenn had already finished his work. I don’t know how he does it so fast; I can usually finish my fire practice pretty quickly but I have been struggling with the arcane and frost. I know Keyalenn is really good with frost, he’s further ahead than anyone else. It’s good to know there’s someone I can ask about it if I get stuck. For arcane, I suppose I could ask Des but she’s usually busy talking to everyone else. Also I don’t know if I’d understand it when she explained. She’s already working on portals! At least I didn’t lose the pens I was trying to teleport, like Keyalenn did. I wonder if the Magister knows. Losing the thing you’re supposed to teleport is a pretty bad mistake. What if you did that to a person! Even though it’s the weekend, we still have homework to do. I want to finish it early so I have time to do other things and not worry about it the whole time.

Salastion said we should go to Silvermoon to buy robes for the ball. It’s coming up in only a week or so. I was just going to wear my regular robes, I thought they’d be fancy enough. I can’t really afford any new ones. I guess I could ask my parents, but they already think mage school is way too expensive, they always mention it when I’m at home. I do feel kind of guilty about it, but my brother is helping with the shop, and having a mage in the family would really impress people. That is, if I ever pass my classes. At least I’m good with fire, that’s something. Anyway, Keyalenn doesn’t have a date for the ball either. He just invited his parents. I guess I could do that, but I don’t think they would have time to leave the shop alone, and honestly I don’t know if I want them here anyway. Don’t get me wrong, I get along with them fine, I just think it’s a little lame to invite your parents to a school ball. Salastion asked Mae, but he’s not sure if she’s actually going to go with him or not. That means I can’t ask her though. She’s really good at fire magic — she even taught the class when Magister Firewind was on vacation — and she has really pretty hair. They said maybe she likes girls. I guess that’s possible, but I never hear her talking about girls either. Keyalenn said she’d talk about a boyfriend if she had one. I’m not sure if that’s true or not. So the only girl left who I could ask is Xarola, but I’m pretty sure she’d say no. She never wants to talk to any of us, she’s always busy reading or doing her schoolwork. She doesn’t even sit and talk with Des that often, which most of the other do — even the ranger girls. Keyalenn said I should just ask her to dance once. I don’t know. I’ll think about it. I guess it’s less likely she’d say no if it’s actually during the dance, but I’m not a very good dancer so I’m afraid I’ll step on her dress or something. My parents aren’t really rich and they didn’t send us to things like dance lessons.

Keyalenn didn’t ask anyone, he said he’s going to ask Lin the ranger to dance if she’s there though. I don’t know how that would go, she’s older than us. I mean, not a lot, but enough that she probably wouldn’t be interested in a younger guy. Especially a guy who is still a student. But who knows, maybe she will say yes, so I don’t want to make Keyalenn feel bad. He thought maybe she was secretly seeing one of the other rangers, but I don’t see why she would have to keep it a secret. Everyone knows about Nessna and the captain. We said it would be good if we got more girls at the school, then there would be more options. And if there were a lot of girls and just us, they’d all have to fight about who got to go with us. That would be kind of nice.


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