[Story] The Ghostclaw – Sath’alor’s Notes

More demons, this time at my house. The place where we live! Luckily Nessna was able to kill it, but what troubles me is the fact that I don’t know how long they’ve been there. I feel responsible for not finding them sooner, it’s my job isn’t it? Hethurin said that they could have just arrived, which I suppose is possible. Clementine normally wanders around outside, and she surely would have noticed a demon. I just think about what could have happened if I had missed it, if Clementine hadn’t been quick enough, things like that. I was really worried that Nessna was going to be upset with me for putting Rylad in danger, but she said that taking him to the school was the right thing to do. Hethurin was worried when I told him about it, understandably, and wanted Rylad to stay there with them. I thought it might be a good idea, just until we get the demons under control, but Nessna doesn’t want to leave him there. Kestrae still swears she has nothing to do with it, and says that she and Aeramin are going to find the one who summoned them. I’m not sure if I believe her, and what will they do if they find him, anyway? She said they’d need to go inside the ziggurat to investigate, so I had to tell the other rangers to allow them through. Honestly, I think they were a bit suspicious too. I don’t blame them. She swore she’d never put Rylad in danger, but why aren’t they doing more? If she knows something, she’s certainly taking her time about it.

I should probably tell Nessna what I know too. I promised I wouldn’t, but I want her to be prepared if anything happens. And I don’t want any secrets. My only worry is that it’ll cause trouble for Hethurin somehow, like if she freaks out and tells people there’s a summoner at his school. I don’t really believe Nessna would do that, but she’s protective of her brother, so I guess it’s possible. She twisted her ankle while she was killing the imp, and I told her that she should let Lani look at it. She pointed out that Lani would probably make her stay in bed for months again, which I have to admit is probably true. Nessna can still walk on it, and it’s not too swollen, so I agreed that we don’t have to tell Lani for now, but I’ll go get her if it gets worse. I did agree to take on Nessna’s patrols until her ankle feels better though, which means she can stay home with Rylad. Rangers who aren’t on patrol are checking the building and perimeter every hour, Nessna will have to check the house while I’m away, otherwise I do it. Clementine helps a lot; she’s another set of eyes and ears, and hers are much more keen than mine. I wonder if Nessna would be willing to work with one, there are plenty of lynx in the forest here and it wouldn’t take too long to earn one’s trust. I don’t know if she’d be interested, but I should bring it up.

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