[Story] Fairsong Academy – Maerista’s Journal

I know Des is scheming something. Last night while I was minding my own business reading, she came over and started asking me all these questions. Like she was asking about the ball and if I was going to dance with anyone. Why? So you can gossip about that too? I think she was trying to figure out if there’s anyone I hoped would ask. I said there wasn’t because I’m still not sure what’s going on with  Salastion or not, last time we talked I kind of got the idea he’d changed his mind about it. Then she’s saying things like I’m pretty and they should all want to dance with me. Are you kidding? They don’t even talk to me, why would they want to dance? I’m really not sure what she was trying to do, but it’s not going to work on me. Then she was saying how she really wanted us to be friends. Seriously? Maybe you could have thought of that a year ago when you were being the Magister’s pet. She claims she’s not though, of course. She also claims she’s not flirting with tons of guys when she’s the only one who has a boyfriend. Whatever, I don’t want to argue with her. I said that I’m here to study, because I am. If I want someone that badly I can ask Father to look for me. I think he already is, though he hasn’t asked me to meet with anyone lately.

The Magister was acting really weird too. He kept talking about a memorial he had made for a bug he killed when he was a kid or something. I really wonder sometimes if he’s okay. I guess he felt guilty because he pulled its wings off and put it in a box, and then it died. He said he kept it because he wanted a pet. Gross. Who wants a bug for a pet? I was going to say something about how he shouldn’t feel bad, but Des just said everything. Whatever. They talked about the Magister’s mother too, apparently she and Hethurin’s father are separated and she has a new younger guy. That’s pretty scandalous. I wonder if everyone knows about it yet. Probably. We’re the last people to hear anything out here. Oh, and Des kept asking about if the rangers were going to come to the ball or not. I don’t know why, she already has a boyfriend. I know the Captain is seeing Nessna, but I think the other two are single. She already has one, that should be enough! He asked if I was excited about it too, but luckily Des answered that too before I had to say anything. The answer is I’m not really. Last time I wished I’d spent the time studying instead, although the food was nice. I can just make up a plate and then go up and study. The Magister did mention inviting students from another school, probably one in Silvermoon. Can you imagine? That would be so embarrassing. I don’t think anyone in Silvermoon would want to come out to a spooky old school for a ball. I don’t know what I’m going to wear yet either. It’s warmer now, but the nights are still chilly. Maybe something that has a little scarf.



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