[Story] The Ghostclaw – Linarelle’s Journal

I certainly wasn’t expecting Ty to ask me to go to the ball. I mean, I had no idea he was even interested like that. I thought there would have been some hint or something, I’m usually good at noticing things like that. He did ask a few questions, but they were normal things you’d ask anyone. Now that I think about it, I wonder if Gael put him up to it on a dare or something. It seems like something those two would do. I haven’t really given him an answer yet, I guess I need to soon. It’s true that the food would be good, but it could just be awkward all around — especially if they are just trying to pull a joke on me. And would it be in poor taste to dance with someone other than the person I came with? It would certainly cause gossip in the city, but we’re not in the city. I don’t know if he’s interested anyway, he could be married or something for all I know.

There’s the students too, but they’re all way too young, and I don’t think I want a guy with more dresses than me. In spite of his age, I get the impression that Ty is really sheltered; he grew up in the city and has never really lived on his own. I guess the same could be said of me, although I’ve been working as a ranger for several years now. It’s true I haven’t seen as much as many of them, even as much as Imralion has probably. He and Aeramin are here visiting again, I keep hoping they’ll just decide to buy a house here like everyone else. I think Kestrae plans to, anyway. Her ranger — sorry, archer — has been working with Lani on the building in town. There’s a lot of work in building yet, and I expect there will be for some time. But maybe after that he could join with us, he obviously knows how to shoot, and we could use the help. At the very least, it would be someone else to talk to at the building.

My sleeping area is all right, it feels a little lonely as I’m usually the only person there. Nessna stays at the captain’s house, and Sorrowmoss is usually on patrol when I’m sleeping. If she is there, she doesn’t make a peep, and she never seems to want to talk much. I’m curious about who she is — or who she was, whether I ever met her before. She must look so different now. I think about that sometimes, and I came to the conclusion that I’d rather just be regular dead than undead. It would be awful to have all of your family and friends reject you, not to mention being in a body that’s slowly rotting. I think Sorrowmoss died before Orledin did, because of the way she looks, or maybe she’s just been through more battle. Either way, it’s creepy to think about.

If I do decide to go, I’d better pick a dress to wear. I’m thinking maybe the one I bought from the goblin’s shop, it’s warm enough that I should be okay wearing it now.



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