[Story] The Ghostclaw – Sath’alor’s Notes

We’re finishing up the last few details on the building this week. Once they bring the furniture, everyone will be able to move in. It’s exciting to know that we’ll be able to appreciate all our hard work soon, and I’m sure they will appreciate sleeping in a proper bed for a change. It sounds like Hethurin will have his ball pretty soon, so we’ll be able to celebrate properly there. He said everyone is invited, though I’m guessing that means everyone except Orledin and Sorrowmoss. I guess it’s for the best though, since someone still needs to watch the ziggurat. I’ll ask them if they want us to bring any food back for them — I rather doubt they do, but hopefully they’ll at least appreciate the thought.

Isturon is in town, so Nessna has been taking Rylad up to the school to visit with him. I’m pretty sure that Hethurin also asked to see him, though I told him he can come visit anytime. It must be convenient to be able to just teleport to places you want. Imagine how much time you would save! So for the past few days I haven’t had him here, and I’ve actually had to get some work done. Usually I just end up playing with him, because it’s a lot more fun than paperwork. I remembered to ask Hethurin if he’d be able to enchant the stick hawkstrider for him. Rylad’s okay at running, but I don’t think he’s coordinated yet enough to do it while he’s trying to ride his stick hawkstrider. If he could enchant it so it was always upright, I bet he wouldn’t crash as often — I know they have a spell like that, they use it on brooms in the city to keep it clean. The hard part will be getting it away from him long enough for Hethurin to do the spell.

Yesterday when she got back from her patrol, Nessna mentioned that Hethurin wanted to talk to me, so I went along with them to the school. I’m not going to turn down the food (and cake) there, either. I was kind of worried about it, since I had no idea what he wanted to talk to me about. Did he somehow know about my plan? But no, mostly he wanted to talk about the ziggurat and the imp. He’s worried that the summoner might get more of them. If he does, we’re prepared. I admit it’s making me anxious, not being able to find him. But it’s only a matter of time. All three teams have good trackers on them. There’s also a big mess with the boy, Vaildor. Somehow, it’s Hethurin’s brother who should be older, but died when he was a baby. Except he didn’t die, and he’s living in Lani’s house now because she wants to adopt him. Hethurin is telling everyone that Vaildor is really his son, but Terellion is upset about that. At least, that’s how I understood it.

Guess who else was there? I knew she was in the area, but last I knew she was staying at the inn. She and that builder are staying at the school now, but she mentioned possibly moving into Lani’s old house. I wasn’t too happy to see her at first, but I realized as we talked more that I wasn’t as mad anymore. It was like it had all drained away, the way an infected injury feels better right after it’s cleaned out. Okay, that’s kind of a gross comparison, but it’s true. I do think it’s strange that she’s with a builder, of all things. Her family sure won’t approve of that, if they didn’t like a ranger. Kestrae says that he knows, and he’s okay with it. I’m not sure if that’s really true, or if she’s just hoping it is. Still, I don’t see how he could want to plan a family with someone who summons demons, but I guess it isn’t my concern anymore. She claims she’s here to try to stop that summoner, but I’m not sure if I believe that. Her showing up here right afterward makes me think there’s something going on. I’m sure she knows that the rangers will kill any demons they see. That’s the last thing we need here.

As I told Kestrae, I do like it here and I think things are going pretty well, but I wouldn’t mind if they quieted down a little bit. I would like to go on a trip somewhere, maybe Nessna would like to see some of the cats I told her about. I even showed her my book that I keep, with all of my notes and maps about the different kinds, and where to find them. Even if she’s not really that interested, she pretends that she is. But I think she is, and I think that would be a nice place to go together. Maybe the jungle, there are several kinds of cats there. I have to think more about the plan, too. The city paid for most of the building expenses, and I still have a little money left over from when I was skinning in Outland. If I start saving up now, I should have plenty by the time Nessna starts talking about stuff like that. I’ve known since forever, but I know she isn’t ready for that yet. I’ll wait until she starts dropping hints or more likely, until Lin mentions it because she talks to Nessna a lot.

I told Kestrae that I thought it was better this way, and she agreed. It hurt a lot to get here, but if I hadn’t gone to Outland I probably wouldn’t have gone to Pandaria, and then I wouldn’t have gone to Kalimdor with the army and got hurt. I might never have ended up back here in the forest and I wouldn’t be where I am now. It’s strange to think about how so many seemingly unconnected events can lead up to something else. If I’d made one different choice, would I still be here? I don’t know.

I should polish up my fancy armor for the ball, since I doubt I’m going to talk Nessna into wearing a dress. I haven’t had to dance in so long. Hopefully I remember how.




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