[Story] Fairsong Academy – Terellion’s Journal

I wish that other Hethurin had never come here! Doesn’t he know how much he’s messing everything up? I really don’t want Vaildor staying here either, but it looks like it’s going to happen anyway. I understand he’s Hethurin’s brother, which is why he says he can’t just take him to the orphanage, but he never even knew about him until a few weeks ago! And the worst part is that he’s telling everyone that Vaildor is really his son, even though I said I didn’t want him to. Now everyone is going to think it’s really true. What if his mother finds out and thinks that’s proof that he really likes girls and makes him get married? Or they’re thinking “why does Terellion even stay if that’s true?” I just don’t like it.

The other thing that really worries me is that Hethurin is talking about going to find the other-him. That worries me a lot, because he’s obviously a very good mage if he can do all that stuff. If Vaildor is telling the truth, other-Hethurin has also killed some dragons. Dragons aren’t exactly easy to kill, I wouldn’t think. Hethurin is going with someone, but not me. He won’t say who. I really hope it’s not Aeramin. I should be there to help protect him if something happens, but he says I have to stay here and make sure the students are safe. I don’t want anything to happen to them, but I’m more worried about him! Why doesn’t he want me to go with him?

Des has these books where there’s usually a princess and a knight, and they go on adventures and usually kiss and stuff too. They’re not too bad if I pretend that Hethurin’s the princess and I’m the knight — but then I start picturing Hethurin in a princess dress with boobs and stuff and it’s funny. Also the parts where they talk about girl stuff I don’t like very much, but thankfully that’s not very much. But I definitely think I’m a knight, I have a sword and fancy armor and I want to go on adventures and save him. There’s also the other books in his room, the ones he told me about last time. I looked at a few of those. I thought my ears were going to catch on fire, they were so embarrassing! I mean, I shouldn’t be because I think we’ve done pretty much everything in those pictures, but it’s a lot different to actually see a picture of it. I guess I can’t explain it very well. I wonder where he even got those books?

Last night was pretty awful, I don’t want Vaildor to stay here and I don’t want to wait here while Hethurin goes to look for other-Hethurin. He said he might not come back, or he might get lost or something. That made me really scared. I went in the pantry because I didn’t want anyone to see me crying, but then Hethurin thought I went outside on the road and took a hawkstrider to look for me. It was pouring last night, there’s no way I would have gone out in that! Well I went up to bed, but then Kestrae told me he’d left so I put my armor back on and went to look for him. Because that’s what knights do. I got completely soaked and I think I walked for about a hundred miles, but finally I found him. He’d stopped, I don’t know why and I was too tired to ask. He made us a portal back home and fell asleep right after. He’s probably really mad at me, but it’s not really my fault, he should have checked up here first. I hope he doesn’t fire me.




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