[Story] Fairsong Academy – Maerista’s Journal

Spring is nearly here! The days are getting warmer and there are little spots of new green leaves all over the garden. I can’t wait until it gets nice and I can go outside again — right now it’s still muddy and cloudy most of the time. The school is nice of course, but I’ve missed being able to sit outdoors in the afternoon with a book, or have supper outside. The whole place will be able to air out and feel alive again. That also means my year will be up soon. I’ve not yet spoken with Father about that. I’m really not sure what I think yet, and I want to be before we discuss it. On one hand, I think I’m doing well here and I’ve had the opportunity to try teaching classes, which I never would have in the city. But on the other hand, it’s so far away and I still don’t have any friends here after all this time. I guess I’ll see, we have a few months yet. The Magister is planning a spring ball, I’ll probably need a new gown for that too. Or I guess I could wear one of my old ones, I don’t think anyone would notice anyway. Something pastel, but not too lightweight because it might still be a little chilly if there’s a breeze. I’m sure I have something like that at home. Salastion wanted to know if I’d go with him. I think that’s the only reason he came to sit at my table. I said maybe, because there’s someone else I am hoping will ask but honestly it’s probably not going to happen so I will probably end up going with him anyway. I suppose it’s better than going alone, but I’m not going to kiss him so I hope he doesn’t get any ideas.

Speaking of that, I told him about Des’s little trips into the city. He had no idea! I don’t know how they can live here and not know these things, I mean she talks about it all the time. But I was very vague on the details, so if she gets mad that he knows, she won’t know I was the one who told him. She’s younger than me, I can’t believe she’s sneaking off to do those sorts of things. The Magister must know though, because she’s been practicing her Silvermoon portal in front of everyone. I guess he’s okay with it. So much for avoiding scandal! Salastion asked if she’s going to elope. I hadn’t thought of that. Maybe she will, then she can go live with her husband.

He said he liked my classes. I think he was just trying to make me say yes to the ball. I don’t think my classes went very well at all, and I’m so relieved that Magister Firewind is back. I’m not meant to be a teacher, I don’t think. I mean, no one set anything on fire (that they weren’t supposed to) but it was so much harder than I thought it would be. Salastion is learning frost magic, that’s kind of weird. I don’t know what Mother would say about that. I guess he’s a mage at least, but I’m not going to mention him to them because they’ll probably try to arrange something and I don’t want that. He thinks the ghosts are real too, because he’s heard sounds. Old houses make sounds, especially in the winter when the wind blows. I’m sure the ghosts were just a story that Tik made up to tease someone, and then everyone believed it. Especially Des, she’s always reading those books with absurd plots and her imagination gets carried away. She was talking about other timelines the other day, and dragons. That’s strange to think about. Does that mean there’s another me somewhere else, writing in her journal right now?


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