[Story] The Ghostclaw – Linarelle’s Journal

Not much time to write tonight, there’s still a lot of work to be done on the building. We’re getting close to finishing now, which is actually kind of exciting. It’ll be the real beginning of our new start. Yesterday we spent tromping around in dark nasty spider caves, but at least it’s taken care of, and should make things a lot more pleasant for everyone this summer. The ziggurat isn’t yet taken care of, and that worries me a little. We haven’t many more clues than when this all started, only the information from a strange blind man on the road — you can guess what that might be worth. His eyes were the most eerie clouded green, like a child’s marble. I don’t know how he could have known the undead were there, but he said they were. Hopefully we can find something soon, because admittedly sitting in one place all patrol is pretty boring. We are watching from different places now, at the captain’s orders. One of us watches from one hill, another from one on the other side. We have special sound signals to use if we need help from our partner. It’s better because we have a wider view of the ziggurat and the area, but it does mean there’s no one to talk to the pass the time.

I did see Im the other night, briefly. Aeramin had gone to meet with some of his mage friends, and I caught Im before they took a portal home. He’s very tan. I had no idea Pandaria was so sunny. He said they were staying on a beach, which sounds pretty nice. Maybe someday I’d like to go there. It would be a nice vacation after this dark, dreary place. He also said that Aeramin got a pretty bad sunburn, you’d think he would know better with that red hair of his. Hopefully Lani can make him something for that. Speaking of Lani, I saw them the other evening too — and Kestrae, here from Shattrath. She said that Ordinicus got a job working on Lani’s building, and they’re thinking about moving out here. I don’t know that she’d like it, it’s a long way from the city. I guess Lani is moving out of her house, and into the one in town. She just finished this one, what a waste! But I guess Kestrae might move in, so it wouldn’t be standing empty. Lani said that he’s a good builder. It turns out the other two are her cousins, but she couldn’t tell me anything interesting about Ethirdir other than “he’s pleasant”. How exciting.

They both insisted that I’d meet someone eventually, which might or might not be true. Someone and someone worthwhile are two totally different things. Kestrae kept saying that it could be a mage or a priest or something, which is ridiculous. She’s from Silvermoon, she ought to know how things work. The only people who want anything to do with rangers are other rangers. Oh, she apparently has “A History” with the captain, but she wouldn’t tell us anything. I know better than to ask him about it — not that he’d tell me anyway, but I admit that I’m curious. I wonder if Nessna knows. I think she was a little upset about them being together, I know Lani thinks it’s too soon but Lani probably thinks everything is too soon.

The strangest guest was the young boy, he spent the whole time drawing at the other table. I’d seen him a time or two before around the school, but this was the first time I was told who he is. Apparently he’s Hethurin’s son! I never would have guessed that, though there is certainly a family resemblance. I guess Lani is going to take care of him. I wonder what the Confessor thinks about that, it’s quite a sudden change going from single to being married and with a nearly-grown child. He never talks about himself though, even when I try to ask. It’s like he somehow manages to turn it back into a question about me. I don’t know how he does it.

There’s going to be another ball in the spring. Not sure if I will go to this one or not, either. I suppose it depends who else is going. It’s going to be really awkward if Gael goes too.


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