[Story] Morthorn’s Notes

I went up to the house to see Lani last night. We were able to talk about some things, but there’s still so much more I haven’t been able to say. I thought Vaildor would have told her, but he hasn’t. In fact, I didn’t see him at all last night, he’s been working hard on his portfolio. Unfortunately, he hasn’t been as diligent about his reading and writing lessons, Lani said. It won’t do him much good to get accepted into a school if he can’t read at all — though arguably, art school probably doesn’t require as much reading as most. I offered to talk to him about it, I don’t know that I could teach him, but he may take it more seriously if I say it. Lani mentioned hiring him a tutor, or having one of the students at the school teach him. Most of them are rather young, but that might actually be an advantage if he’s better able to relate to them.

Vaildor didn’t mention our conversation — either of them — to Lani. I asked about whether her mother was still arranging something, and she said she’d received a letter, but didn’t want to meet with the man she’d found. I guess that’s something. I told her what Vaildor had said, and she said that it was up to me. I’d think it should be up to both of us! Then she asked if I’d spoken with her father, and I said that I thought that was her choice too. If she wants me to, I will, but I’m not sure how well that will go. Especially if they’re still looking for someone else for her. That doesn’t exactly inspire confidence. I still don’t know where we’d live, either. Lani was talking about staying at the office overnight in case patients needed anything, but there isn’t living space there. She certainly can’t live at my place. Oh, and she’s considering formally adopting Vaildor if his parents can’t be found. I agree that it’s probably the best thing for him, but it will definitely make things more complicated — and not only the living arrangement.

He isn’t my daughter, but of course I can’t help but think of her. I guess it helps that he isn’t a girl, I don’t think I would have been able to hold everything together in that case. Lani still doesn’t know, and I’m not sure how to bring it up. Maybe I don’t have to, it’s not that I want to keep secrets but I’ve always found it difficult to talk about myself. I’m sure that’s why I like listening to others talk so much.

Lani said she was interested in the sort of things in her book, but “someday”. I suppose that’s better than never. She mentioned wanting the next book by that author, I should stop and get it when I go into the city. She gave me her father’s new address, so I can find him. I still haven’t decided what I want to say yet, though. Maybe I should write a letter first?


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