[Story] The Ghostclaw – Linarelle’s Journal

I’ll be glad when the building is finished, I don’t think it’ll be too much longer now. Everyone at the school is nice, but I admit I’m getting pretty tired of hearing about all their boy troubles all the time. Or not-troubles, as the case may be. That’s worse I think. Hopefully I can convince Sorrowmoss to talk a little, otherwise it’s going to be pretty quiet around there. I hardly ever see Nessna, and Gaelardrim doesn’t talk to me at all. Ty tries, but it’s always really weird. The other night we had dinner after patrol and he kept saying how he didn’t like staying at the captain’s house because he had to hear them or something. I really doubt anything is happening out in the open, and I’ve heard of much worse things happening in the mens’ ranger quarters at other places I’ve stayed at. I think he just wants to complain, which I guess I’m doing too but still.

Des is so young, but she’s already planning a trip with her boyfriend and staying overnight. You can practically feel the waves of disapproval coming from Lani. I just hope she’s careful, a lot of guys — young ones especially — will just totally change after you give them what they want. Believe me, I’ve been there. Lani is convinced that either the Confessor isn’t interested, or his doesn’t work. I’m pretty sure that’s not the case, but I guess I’ll leave that to her to figure out — someday. He must really like her if he’s sticking around through all of that. She wants to get married, but they haven’t been seeing each other that long, and then she made some comment that I guess was supposed to be about Nessna. I suggested some books to Lani, but I kind of doubt she’ll look at anything like that. You’d think a healer would know more about how men worked.

Last night Hethurin wanted us to come look at the thing we found, he’s been keeping it in the stable. It was frozen in ice using a magic spell. Kestrae has been staying at the house for a few days (with her boyfriend too, of course) and I guess she knows a lot about them, so he was asking her questions. She said it’d be ok to unfreeze him, which Hethurin did. They were asking it questions about who its master was, and what he wanted. It was weird looking, I’ve never seen one up close before. Its skin looked like it was charred, but it didn’t seem to be in any pain, and it had a really annoying voice. I don’t think I could be a summoner just for that reason. Finally they got the imp to say that his master was going to summon more of them. We’ll have to ensure that someone is always at the ziggurat. I described the undead as best I could, but honestly it’s hard to describe someone’s features when they are all rotting and falling off. The one in the robes was probably the summoner, and the other was a guard or something like, because he had heavier armor. That one seemed more out of it, less able to talk and make sense. Kestrae said we need to do something to stop them, but what? It’s not like we can just shoot them. Hopefully the captain will have an idea.

I’ve had a little time to talk to the builders, usually at mealtimes. They’re both pretty strong, which makes sense, they said they used to work on a farm. One of them is a little too young I think, but the other is nice. It turns out that he was on the island too, he remembered me from there. How about that! I feel bad that I didn’t remember him as well, but I hope he didn’t notice. I’ll have to be sure to patrol near their building site.


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