[Story] Morthorn’s Notes

It’s one of those times I feel I need to approach my own feeling as I would if someone had come to me with this same issue. Lani adopted a child — well, not formally or anything, but Vaildor is living with her in the house. She’s taken it upon herself to teach him, and she’s said that he can stay as long as necessary. He doesn’t have anywhere else to go, and Hethurin has rejected him. No one knows who his actual father is, or if he’s ever coming back. I don’t think she’s wrong, necessarily, but I wonder how effective a teacher she can be if she’s busy with patients most of the day. Right now she’s supposed to be overseeing the building construction. Does she even know how to teach him? He’s not a young child either, he must be fifteen years at least. The same age that she would have been. I think that’s softened my approach somewhat, but at the same time it makes interacting with him very taxing emotionally. It does help that he’s a very quiet and polite child. He likes drawing, and wishes to study at an art school in Silvermoon. He even showed me some of his sketches. I suggested that we go and inquire about their admissions policy — Lani thinks he’s too young, but I have no idea what their rules might be. She also thinks he should learn basic academics before he goes, which I do agree with. But they probably have tutors for that sort of thing there. Definitely more than out here in the woods. He’s been alone all of his life, never around other people his same age. I think that’s something he needs more than anything else. Somehow this suggestion turned into me agreeing to take him sometime this week, when I’m not too busy. Des will make us a portal, so the trip won’t take too long. I thought Lani would be coming with, but it seems not. I also suggested that we could visit the shops and get some new paper, perhaps a sketching pad and some new paints or pencils. Vaildor was very excited about that idea. He also asked for new robes — the ones he has are quite old and threadbare. I hope that Lani has the means to pay for all of this, children are very expensive — especially if he needs tuition at a fancy Silvermoon school. I don’t know if the offer scholarships, but seeing as he’s an orphan — as far as we know — he should certainly qualify.

I just wish we’d had the opportunity to discuss it beforehand. Likely the outcome would have been the same. I don’t think it’s a bad idea necessarily, I just need time to accept it. He calls her “Aunt Lani”. She’s not even his aunt! At least, as far as we know. I don’t know if this is her reaction to Rylad leaving or what. Oh, that’s the other thing — Vaildor is using the spare room, so he’ll be around all the time now. We were struggling for privacy before, now it’s even more busy there! She was asking a lot about her ears, whether I looked at them or not. She seemed kind of surprised that I did. She asked if I looked at other things too, which required a more careful answer.  The true answer is: of course, I don’t know many men who wouldn’t. But she seems upset by it — at least when it’s other people. I tried to tell her that they don’t mean any harm, but she swears she’ll wear a long cloak and hood so no one can look. I don’t know why, I think most ladies are flattered to know that men are looking at them.

I told her that I would visit soon, and let her know what we find out from the trip into the city. I hope it goes well, for all of our sakes.



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