[Story] Fairsong Academy – Terellion’s Journal

The strange boy is still here, but at least now he’s staying in Lani’s house and not in our room. That makes it a bit easier, though still weird. Hethurin has been doing lots of work and studying, trying to figure out just exactly where (or when, I guess) he belongs. He did find some letters from the kid’s father written to him. It sounded like if they were found, his father would be dead. I really hope not, because that means he’ll have to stay here forever. Or well, Hethurin mentioned taking him to the orphanage. I think he’s kind of old for that, maybe he could go to the school like he wanted. He’s always talking about it, ever since the Confessor put the idea into his head. Anyway, the letter also said that other-Hethurin isn’t even the kid’s real father! Which is good, but it still doesn’t explain where he came from. If anything, it just makes everything more confusing.

Hethurin wanted to make sure everyone would be prepared in case the dragons come for us. See, Des was trying to tell me that dragons aren’t dangerous and don’t eat people, but I’ve read plenty of books to know that’s not true. Why would they talk about how dangerous they are if it’s not true? No one would believe the story then. Then Hethurin totally took her side and he said that maybe dragons aren’t dangerous anymore, or maybe they were all black dragons in the stories. I don’t know if they all mentioned what color the dragon was. Either way, a dragon is big and dangerous and I don’t want one eating me. And Hethurin must agree, because he was talking about getting special robes for the students. I guess there are some robes that have magic armor but just look like normal robes. He has some that he’s been wearing, they look really fancy but I had no idea they were special until he told me. We went to Silvermoon to get me some new armor, I’m pretty excited about that. Of course it has to be properly fitted, so we’ll have to wait a while for it to be finished. Tik is getting some too, but he wanted lighter armor. Hethurin also wants me to get a new sword, I’m really excited about that. I mean, the one I have is okay but it’s just a really boring looking one. In the city we found one that is really light and fancy, it has phoenix wings on the hilt and it’s so pretty. It was really expensive, but Hethurin didn’t even say a word about that. I thought it would be good if it was also able to stop spells, you know, like a spellbreaker. That would be useful if a mage comes into our house. Hethurin agreed, so we’re going to have it enchanted. I’ll have to stop by at home so my family can see it when I’m all finished. I’ll look so fancy!

Des also came with, she wanted to go see her friend the guard. I told her about how my mother used to get to talk to my father that way. She’d go to where his post was and pretend that she needed help, just so she could talk to him. Of course, the other guards began to notice that the same girl always needed help in the same part of town, but by that time Father had figured it out too and they decided to see each other. Des said she thought it was a good idea. But I kind of wished I hadn’t said it, because then I got to thinking about him again and how I’d never talk to him and I felt really sad and angry. It’s still not fair what happened to him, how everyone else got to come home and he didn’t. Well not everyone, I guess. Nessna must know what I mean though.

Oh, Hethurin also mentioned having another ball in the spring, once the garden is blooming. Tik and I need to get started on cutting away all the dead stuff, so new things can grow. At least we won’t have to do as much decoration work if it’s outside, the flowers will provide most of it. But he’s talking about inviting a ton of people, so Tik and I need to work out a menu. I think the guys who are here to work on the building can be the guards, since I won’t want to be a guard this time. Last night I made a cake with a pale mint green icing, and made little flowers on top all over it. I think one like that would be good for the party, but with a lot of layers. I have only made two layers before, but I think it wouldn’t be too hard. I’ll just need to reinforce it somehow so they don’t get too heavy. I’ll get to wear my fancy new armor too!



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