[Story] Ordinicus’s Journal

Something is going on, but I’m not totally sure what yet. I have an idea. Kes got a letter from one of her friends — a “mage” friend — and wanted to go to meet her right away. Actually, that’s not even true. She doesn’t like Vallindra at all, she’s convinced that the woman is out to get her or something. I don’t especially like her myself, she’s pretty rude, but so is almost everyone who comes through from Silvermoon. The “research” concerns me a lot more, and I have to assume that’s the real reason that Kes is going. I don’t like it, but she’s promised to be careful. I guess that’s all I can really hope for.

We took a portal, which saved a lot of time. You should have seen the look on the mage’s face when I told him that Harkin needed to go through too! I haven’t been back here in so long. It’s changed so much, it’s not even the same place anymore. I mean, sometimes I look at a stretch of road or a particular hill and I think maybe I remember it, but it’s like I’ve seen it in a painting, or maybe even in a dream. Right now we’re staying at the inn in town, but it’s so run-down and the food is terrible. Our inn may have had holes in the roof sometimes, but at least the furniture was repaired and the food was edible. It doesn’t help that there are undead working there too. That’s got to keep away some guests. At least Harkin is really happy, there’s mushrooms everywhere for him to dig up and eat.

Kes doesn’t know how long she’ll be here, so I’ve been looking at the flyers posted in town. Surprisingly, there are a lot of people looking for workers to help repair and build houses. The area’s experiencing a bit of a revival, and now that the weather is starting to warm, work can really begin. I grabbed a few of them, figuring that I’d get in touch, but Kes mentioned that Hethurin’s sister is working on a building. It might be better to work for someone I already know, there’s less chance of getting ripped off that way. And they might let us stay up at the school, which would be great. I still think about the food we had at the ball! So I’m going to talk to Lani about that soon. Which kind of brings up the other subject, the one we’re both sort of avoiding. One day Kes will say that she wants to maybe move out here, she was talking about getting our own house to fix up. But then she says she really likes Shattrath, and she doesn’t want to leave her friends there. If we did, that would mean leaving my job at the inn — which, admittedly, I’ve considered more than once. There are fewer and fewer guests these days, and I really think they’re close to shutting it down entirely. I just never had to worry about what I was going to do “for real” while I worked there, and I’ll have to again. We’d be a lot closer to my family now too, which shouldn’t be a real issue — I doubt they’ll come down this way, even if they knew I was here. But I’d know, and somehow that makes a difference. I don’t really know how long the work here will last, it’ll be great for a while but it will eventually slow down. And then what will I do after that? I don’t have any idea.



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