[Story] The Ghostclaw – Linarelle’s Report

Gaeldardrim didn’t go on patrol last night, so Ty had to do double. That’s really not fair, and I hope he realizes that he owes Ty one now. Supposedly, he had to go into town for supplies, but I don’t know why it had to be tonight instead of in the morning. I think Gaelardrim just didn’t want to go, for whatever reason. I thought it would be an uneventful patrol. We walked along the Scar and Ty wanted to gossip about Nessna and the captain. He asked me if I thought it would last. How would I know? I’m definitely not the expert on relationships. I figure Nessna knows well enough what she’s doing, and she deserves to be happy after everything she’s been through. The captain is a nice guy and they obviously like each other. Rylad seems happy enough at the building, too. I was kind of surprised to see him there today, I guess the captain’s watching him for Nessna while she’s on her patrol. I won’t deny that it’s cute. If I were in her place, I think I’d probably do the same. It can turn out really bad to get together with others in your unit, but it happens a lot, naturally. People working together eventually will want to do more. And it’s not like it’s always bad, there are plenty of married rangers — Nessna was one of them. I think Ty might be a little jealous. I guess I am too. But he said something about them being in the next room. At least the building should be finished fairly soon. He asked about that too, whether I was glad to have the womens’ quarters to myself. I guess? Though it would have been nice to talk to Nessna in the evenings. I guess I can try with Sorrowmoss again.

When we got to the ziggurat, the same undead was there. Ty tried asking him questions — the same ones we’ve asked every day — but didn’t have any luck. So we just waited there for a while, as we always do. A while later, another one showed up. This one was upset that we were here — he called us “meddling elves”. We soon deduced that he was the “master” that the other one had been waiting for. Fortunately, he was a little more coherent about answering questions, but he was also more clever and evasive. He insisted that they were using the ziggurat for research into their condition, and that we should all just leave them be. It’s like he refused to give a straight answer about anything, and I definitely got the feeling he wasn’t telling the whole truth. Then I said maybe the undead in Tranquillien would be able to help him, but he said they were fools. Of course. I told him that I’d have to tell the other rangers, and probably get the captain out there. That wasn’t a bluff, he’ll definitely want to know about that. Finally they left, but Ty pointed out that they’d return as soon as we went away. As we were talking about what to do, a little demon came out of the ziggurat. I’ve never seen one before, except in books, but it was so tiny that it really wasn’t very scary. It wouldn’t give us any answers either, so Ty tricked it into jumping into his pack by saying they were cookies inside. I honestly don’t know what we’re going to do with a demon, but it said that it was watching us for its master. I have to believe it means the undead that we just saw. At first I thought of taking it back to the ranger building, but if it really is spying, I don’t want them knowing where we are — and especially with Rylad there. So we thought of taking it to the school, hopefully Hethurin can put it in a magic trap or turn it into  sheep or something. I sent Ty to do that on his own, hopefully he won’t have any trouble. I hurried back to the captain’s house to tell him what we found.

It was late, so he was asleep — he’s  been getting up early with Nessna and Rylad. But he wasn’t too mad about being woken up, not after I told him what we found. We’re to only watch the ziggurat during our patrols, nothing else. We might end up having to do double patrols, and not work on the building, at least until this is sorted out. He also said to kill any demons that should come out of it. I asked if we’re allowed to shoot the undead. He said to use our own judgment. I hope it doesn’t come to that, even if they are creepy.



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