[Story] The Ghostclaw – Linarelle’s Notes

No sign of the master yet. Things are going okay with the patrol otherwise, I guess. I’m back with Gaelardrim again, but we don’t really talk very much. That’s fine with me, our job is looking for anything unusual, not talking. If neither of us brings it up, there won’t be anything to argue about. I think he and Ty have been practicing at the targets, at least he can usually hit the tree most times. That’s an improvement. I wonder how long that undead guy is going to sit out there. I guess it’s possible that his master died, or something happened, and he’ll just continue waiting forever. I hope not, because I’d like to watch the rest of the forest too. One day soon we’re going to find the spider nests. At least that should prove interesting. Ty and I have a bet going whether or not they’ll pop when they burn.

We were right about the captain and Nessna, though. From what Lani said, Nessna is going to be moving into the captain’s house soon. I didn’t think they were that serious, but I can’t say I blame her either. If he asked, I’d definitely do it. Of course, if she ends up staying there after the building is finished, it’ll just be me and Sorrowmoss in the women’s side. Sorrowmoss never talks at all, and I don’t think she even rests — at least, I’ve never seen her. So it’d basically be like having the whole area to myself. That’s okay I guess, but I think I’d rather be living in the cozy house with the cute captain. So that’s yet another one that’s out of reach. Lani is all worried because the Confessor hasn’t tried to do anything, but anytime one of us gives her an idea, she says she couldn’t, or she doesn’t want to. The poor guy is probably even more confused. She says she wants to, but she’s worried that he might leave after. That could certainly happen, but I really don’t think he’s the sort to do that. She also thinks he isn’t looking at her ears. He’s a guy, he definitely is. I told Lani that if she doesn’t like him she ought to say so, but she says she does. Oh well. Some builders are supposed to be coming to work on the healers’ office in town, and they’re going to be staying at the school because the inn is awful. I hope they’re cute, or at the very least, not awful. Maybe I could at least hope for some nice conversation.

I haven’t heard back from Im yet. I hope his trip is going all right and they haven’t been eaten by bears or fallen off a cliff or something. I honestly don’t know why he wants to wander around Pandaria, but hopefully he’ll be back soon. Except he’s going back to Shattrath, not Silvermoon, so the only time I’ll see him is if he gets someone to make a portal. I’ll just have to write, but he’s not very good about writing back. It’s not easy to admit, but I miss having him around to just talk to. Nessna is pretty good, but it’s difficult since we’re on different patrols — and now she’s spending her spare time with the captain. I guess I could try talking to Ty, but I don’t know. I think a lot of the time he doesn’t get it. Maybe another woman will join us.



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