[Art] Halla Plush

A halla is never named by its Dalish companion. Rather, a halla will use three names throughout its lifetime; its Hoof name is learned upon first setting her hooves upon the forest floor at birth, and known only to the halla herself. As she matures, the delicate antlers will grow from her forehead to reveal her Branch name, used among the other halla of her herd. But the last is not revealed to her until she has bonded to a Dalish companion, and this is her Heart name. No other will ever know it but these two.

[[ This plush halla was designed and sewn by me, based on a creature from the Dragon Age games. She stands approximately 9 inches tall and is 9 inches long. Her antlers, hooves and nose are made of paperclay. ]]



One Response to [Art] Halla Plush

  1. Oh, that turned out awesome, I’m so envious of your talent with this stuff. *squeals*

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