[Story] Morthorn’s Notes

I went to the school again, and nothing happened, again. Although this time her father was there. I expected that he’d be busy with Rylad again, and he wouldn’t notice me. But no, he was right there at the table with Lani, being disapproving. It was awfully awkward, even moreso than usual. I made small conversation about Nessna and whether she was healing all right, and that the rangers were patrolling now. Hethurin said that he hadn’t expected me, but he kind of had to, didn’t he? Lani was drinking water again. I don’t know if she’s just trying to make a point or what. She hadn’t mentioned trying it to her father, which surprised me because she’s a grown woman. Why does he even have any say in what she’s doing? But maybe that’s the reason why. Then she said she didn’t like it after all, so I have no idea what she thinks now.

He had a lot of questions for me. He wanted to know why I didn’t visit every single night. Why would he want that? I assume he knows what men and women normally do when they’re seeing each other.  I explained that I had many other patients to visit, and the trip out to the school is quite a long walk. I suppose that one day I should invest in a hawkstrider, but I don’t know where I could keep it now. There’s a stable for travelers, but it’s about as reputable as the inn (not very) and expensive on top of that. Maybe once the building is finished, but then of course I wouldn’t need a hawkstrider, would I? That’s another thing, I asked whether he’d had any luck finding workers yet. He’s looking in Silvermoon, which seems a bit risky to me. I’d rather hire workers who have experience out here and won’t run away home at the first sight of an enormous spider. And he’s going to put them up in the inn. I tried to persuade him against that, and Hethurin suggested that they could stay at the school. I don’t know if that’s such a good idea either, especially if he doesn’t know anything about these men. They could be criminals or worse, in a house with several young students and potentially a baby.

Then Isturon asked to speak to me in the kitchen, which immediately filled me with dread. It turns out he just wanted to know why I’d bought Lani the book. Evidently there are some rather colorful passages in it. I had no idea! It’s not as if Lani ever mentioned them, nor did the book-seller. I can’t really be angry with him, he wouldn’t have any reason to say anything about it. Most women enjoy that sort of story, I think. Isturon said that Lani refused to read it — yet she’d already asked me for the third book. I certainly need to be more careful in the future and actually look at the book first. He also mentioned that she’d told him of “impure thoughts”. Had she? I’d never heard about those either. You’d think she would tell me rather than her father.  At least he agreed that we don’t need an appointment keeper at the new building. I’m perfectly capable of keeping track of appointments, I already do my own. I did all of Lani’s paperwork for her while we were in Kalimdor, appointments aren’t even as complicated as that.

In the end he said he thought that Lani had made a good choice. For what, we aren’t engaged! Though it may have been a hint, I don’t know. Why would he even ask about the book and her drinking wine if he thought I was a good choice? I have no idea.



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