[Story] Fairsong Academy – Maerista’s Lesson

Dear Magister Firewind,

I hope your trip is going well. Have you seen a lot of pandaren yet? It’s so strange to think that only a few years ago we thought they just existed in books. What will we know about a few years from now?

I had class today. Teaching is a lot harder than I thought it was going to be! Don’t worry, your notes were fine and I could read them okay, it was just kind of weird. We started with some simple fire manipulation exercises. They all seemed to have a hard time with it! I mean, I know they’re all just starting out but it almost seemed like they were having trouble  on purpose. Like Xarola kept putting her flame out, and Salastion thought he was moving his, but he was actually just breathing on it. The exercise was to stretch a flame anyway, so even if he was moving it, that’s not what he was supposed to be doing! I let them do that for a while but they seemed to be struggling, so I thought some reading would be good. I gave them a chapter to read and do the questions on. Oh my goodness, they just talked the whole time! Salastion kept saying how he liked frost magic so much better, which I thought was totally rude. If he likes it so much better he can just go to that class and skip this one. I tried to get them back on task which worked for a little while but then I mentioned that they could ask me if they had any questions. I meant about the text, not about things in general! Salastion started asking me stuff that makes me wonder if he’s even read any theory at all, like he was asking how fire magic creates fire from nothing, while ice magic uses the water in the air. Honestly! So I had to explain the basic differences between magical and non-magical fire to a student who should already know this! I don’t blame you, I just think he wasn’t listening in his other classes. Oh and then Xarola starts talking about kittens and about whether or not Lani is getting married. I don’t know! And class time is not the time to be asking about it!

Being a teacher is a lot more difficult than I thought. I did organize your desk and the supply cabinet though. After class was over, we all went to the dining room, which was a little bit weird. I mean, a minute ago I was a teacher but now I’m a student again. I know the teachers often eat with us, but it was weird to be on the other end, like do they see me as a teacher still? I guess I’m not explaining it very well. We talked about whether there will be a ball in the spring. I hope there is! They should have it outside in the garden with all the flowers. I hope you and Imralion will be able to come. Hopefully the rangers will be finished by then too, and they’ll be able to attend. Salastion said he was going to ask both of us to dance, but then Xarola said she doesn’t know how and she volunteered me to teach her — with Salastion. Excuse me, I didn’t agree to this! I said I would think about it.

At least they did okay on their papers, so maybe they were actually reading after all. I just hope they get in some more practice on their own time, they have their own practice rooms and everything! Hopefully things will go a bit better next class.



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