[Story] Morthorn’s Notes

I stopped by the school to visit with Lani again. I didn’t see Lin, which I guess is to be expected now that the rangers have begun patrolling officially. It makes me feel a little safer walking along the roads at night. Soon it’ll stay light further into the evening, which will also help.

Lani got me gifts for the holiday. The first was a bottle of wine, nice enough that she must have asked someone for help on what to pick out. I told her we should save it for a special occasion — like when we open the office. She also made me a scarf, I thought that was very sweet. It’ll make those walks home a little more comfortable. She made a remark about keeping me warm, but I don’t think she meant it that way. Sometimes I think she does mean it, but then others I’m not sure. She’s very confusing. But it is a very thoughtful gift and I do like it a lot. I know I’d already got her something, but I brought a book for her as well. It’s the sequel to the one I already brought her. She wanted to loan the first one to me, but Des expressed interest in reading it, so I said that she could borrow it first. I’m not sure why Lani was so reluctant about that, I have plenty of books to read at home. The seller at the book-shop said there were others too, so I may have to get those when I get the chance as well. But I probably shouldn’t read them out of order.

We talked about how the ranger building is coming along, and our office in town. Lani says that she wants to hire someone to keep appointments and greet guests when they come in. On one hand, it would save me a lot of paperwork, but on the other I’m not sure I’m so keen on the idea. First of all we’re going to have to pay this person, and it’s not exactly as if I’m rolling in gold already. It’s only fair that I would pay half, but as I’m not a healer I can’t charge as much as they do. The other reason is a little more selfish, I mean I thought it would just be us working together. If someone else is always around it’ll just be awkward, but I guess she doesn’t mind. She really seems to want someone. I suppose I’ll let her pick someone out then.

The other thing that was strange is that she was having wine. The dozens of times that I’ve asked if she wants any, she never did. So why does she now? She said it’s because she wants to be able to have it with me, but I’m worried that she’s trying to change for my sake. I told her I don’t want to do that — if she doesn’t like it, that’s perfectly fine with me. I’m not offended if she wants something different than I do to drink at dinner. I’m a little worried that it might affect her strongly since she’s not used to it, or worse, affect her work. I tried to talk to her about it but that didn’t go very well. She’s already doing it when I’m not here, which sort of calls into question her claim that she’s drinking it because she wants to drink with me. In all honesty, I should be doing less of it. Maybe that’s her plan all along.

Oh, her father is going to be here next week too. Maybe I can find other patients that need calling on. It’s not that I dislike him, but he always has this disapproving look about him. When I told Lani that, she just said that she hasn’t been forbidden to see me. What a ringing endorsement!

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