[Story] Fairsong Academy – Terellion’s Journal

For the goblin holiday, Hethurin wanted to go out to dinner. But when he made the portal, it didn’t look like a regular one, and he explained that it was a portal that goes to a different place and a different time! I was a little worried about that but he said it would be okay. We went to Dalaran, back before all the elves were forced to leave. Hethurin was still a student then, so he said we shouldn’t run into his other self unless we went to the library, or to his teacher’s house. From what I understand, it’s really bad if you do that, which makes sense. What would you even think if you saw your future self? It would really freak me out I think. He did mention that his sister was here too — the older one who is mean — and I was kind of afraid that she’d walk in the door and see us. But Hethurin said that she usually ate at a different place. I hope so. One of his friends was sitting at the other table, but we had to pretend that we didn’t know who she was. That was close! I hope it didn’t mess anything up, but she didn’t seem to recognize us, I guess because she hadn’t really met us yet.

This restaurant was nice, even fancier than the one in Shattrath! I had a kind of roasted wild bird, but Hethurin had fish. I like fish, it’s just that we eat it so often at home that I like to try something else when we go out. Even though Hethurin says the fish here is really good, and he wondered where it was from. He should ask the waiter so we could go catch some! They also had a lot of different kinds of cakes, but Hethurin said we should go to the sweet cart outside because theirs were better. We went there after and they had all sorts of different kinds of brownies and cupcakes, he likes the one with pink frosting the best. I tried a little piece so I think I could figure out how to make it — or at least something very similar. He also got a bag of donuts, I’ve never tried making those but it seems like they’d be pretty simple. There’s a recipe for them in one of the books in the kitchen, it’s just dough that you fry in oil and then sprinkle sugar on it.

We talked about Rylad and whether we ought to get our own someday since he’s going to move away with his mother. Hethurin thinks that they’ll come and visit often, but I’m not so sure. I didn’t mean right now though, just something to think about for in the future. Hethurin thinks they won’t let us take an orphan because we’re not married and because we’re too young. He might be right about that. He suggested that we go and visit to see what their rules are about adopting them. Honestly, if they have a bunch of kids without homes they really shouldn’t be too picky. I know we’d take good care of him or her — it should probably be a her because we already have a lot of boy babies around! Plus Hethurin could buy her dresses. We were going to last night, but we both kind of forgot after we had a lot of the wine.

They have a really fancy shop that sells wine and cheese. We got some of both to bring home with us. It’s weird to think that we’re going to be eating food from the past but I guess it’s okay! We also went out onto a balcony that overlooked the edge of the city. I didn’t realize just how high up it was! As long as I didn’t look down, it was okay. I peeked once and I could see the river far below and tell just how high up we were: too high! But Hethurin wanted me to see the blue dragons that were flying around. They weren’t really doing anything, it looked as if they were watching the people in the city. I think I’d be a little freaked out by a dragon watching me all the time! They were really big too, I could tell even though they were far away. They were beautiful though, some of them had little crystals growing in their skin which looked like it might hurt but I guess dragons have really thick skin. Or scales, whatever. He told me that blue dragons are the guardians of magic. It made me wonder what kind of magic they could do. Probably every kind.

It was a really great dinner though. I hope we can go back there again. I can tell that he misses it, and honestly I do too a little, though I was only there for one evening. Maybe we could visit other times too. I’m sure Hethurin can do that.


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