[Story] Imralion’s Journal

Every time I think I have Aeramin figured out, he does something that confuses me again. The house has been finished for months now, but we’re still in the Ghostlands. Having his father around all the time is driving me crazy. So finally he asks if I want to go back to Shattrath — but he says it like he doesn’t want to and he’s only going because I do. And I said that I wouldn’t mind staying here — Silvermoon is only a short ride away, after all. But that’s only if he’s willing to make his father leave, which I know he’s not going to do. I always point out that his father wouldn’t do the same for him, in fact his father would probably just let him starve on the street. Aeramin is fond of saying that he’s better than him. Which is true, but I think being happy is more important than just being right. So he won’t kick the moocher out, and Arancon gets to stay in this brand new house that he’s just going to trash within a few days’ time. Oh, and Aeramin is getting someone to bring him food. Like a grown man isn’t capable of that? I should really stop complaining about him, but he really gets on my nerves. I’m just glad I haven’t punched him. Yet.

Anyway, Aeramin was all confused and he asked if I wanted to stay here. Honestly it doesn’t matter that much to me, he said that if we were going to stay here we’d have to buy a new house though. (I still don’t see what’s wrong with this one.) So I guess that’s out. The one in Shattrath is nice, it’s just really far from Lin. She’s already unhappy about me going back there, and I think she’s having some trouble with the rangers too. Well, one ranger. She kept going on about how stupid he was the other night, but she’d also had a bit too much to drink I think. Hopefully it gets worked out soon, because I know she’s really good at being a ranger. They’re starting to work on their ranger building, maybe Aeramin’s father could get a job there breaking things.

I’m not sure if he liked the map or not. I mean the map itself wasn’t the gift, it was going on a trip. But he says he has to talk to Hethurin about missing classes, and seeing if maybe one of the students can help cover for him. I feel stupid for not even thinking about that. But I guess he was excited about it, at least I hope so. He bought one of those goblin dresses from the stall in town. I thought I was going to die laughing, it looked so funny on him. It has a cut-out section on the chest and the sides are open, which I’m sure looks good on a girl but it was hilarious on him. I’ll give him credit though, I don’t think I’d ever put on something like that! I don’t think it would fit me anyway.


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