[Story] Valentine Hearts 2

Vallindra was an extremely difficult woman to shop for. He wanted to buy her expensive gowns and shoes, the finest hats and jewelry, but she preferred to spend her time roaming around the Scar mapping ley-lines. Of course he admired her persistence and dedication, in fact it was this focus that impressed him early on. But sometimes — especially for holidays — he wanted to buy her things. She seemed reluctant to take time off for a dinner in the city, so he’d planned out a meal that he could prepare in their kitchen at home. It still wasn’t fully finished, so he hadn’t all of the tools and utensils that he’d need, but somehow he’d have to make do. He wasn’t the best cook, but he’d follow the instructions carefully and hoped that she’d at least appreciate his effort.

He had bought her gifts while he was in the city, though. He found a fine notebook, bound in good leather, in which she could write her notes. He also bought her a new set of pens, all in silver, and some large parchments which could be used to make maps. Xanaroth thought she’d appreciate the practicality, if nothing else. At first he avoided the goblins’ stall, dismissing their wares as cheap and opportunistic, but every time he passed by, he couldn’t help but imagine Vallindra in one of those little silk gowns. So against his better judgment, he bought one of them — a red one. She’d probably hate it, but maybe she’d wear it once anyway.

The Confessor picked up the slip of paper and read it. It had been slipped under the door while he’d been out making his visits around the countryside. Dinner would be ready at seven, the note said, and a table had been saved for them. He found it amusing that he’d had to make reservations for a private dinner at the school, but he supposed a few others might have had the same idea. Hopefully it would allow Lani to relax a bit more. And, he had to admit, himself as well.

There was still one more trip to make before the evening, he had to pick up the locket he’d ordered from the jeweler. He’d once given one before, but he’d taken special care to ensure that this one didn’t look too much alike. It was made of bright fine silver, and he’d asked for a phoenix to be etched into its face. For new beginnings, and for rebirth. It wasn’t easy, he’d told Tik that. He’d come uncomfortably close to telling Tik more than the butler wanted to hear, probably. But it was reassuring, in a way, to know that he wasn’t the only one who struggled with such things. Maybe one day soon he’d call on Tik again, to see how he was doing. Tonight though, he wasn’t working.

Imralion looked over the map one last time, checking that everything was just right. He’d had an awful time trying to figure out what to get for Aeramin. He had a lot of robes already, and Imralion didn’t have the first clue how to shop for those, anyway. At first he thought of a book, but all of the magical ones were far too confusing, and he didn’t suppose that Aeramin would be too interested in one of the fluffy romantic books. What Imralion really wanted was for them to be back home in Shattrath, and that’s what gave him the idea.

He thought of all the trips they’d taken together, while he was training in Outland and they were first getting to know each other. He’d enjoyed those a great deal, and it seemed that Aeramin had too. On his trips into Silvermoon, Imralion had put his gold safely away in the bank — far away from Arancon’s eyes and fingers, and now he thought he had enough saved up. He’d already talked to a mage about having a portal made, and he’d already written to the innkeepers asking about whether rooms would be available. He couldn’t give an exact date of course, because Aeramin was still finding little tasks that needed to be done. But soon, he assured them.

Last, he’d bought a map of Pandaria, and marked all of the places that he thought they should visit. Of course they could add more, once they saw what was there. Some time away from everyone — especially from his father — would surely do them both good.


One Response to [Story] Valentine Hearts 2

  1. Val’s gonna laugh at the dress, but she’ll wear it once, for him.

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