[Story] The Ghostclaw – Linarelle’s Patrol

My report from our patrol is going to be very short. “No Scourge sighted, possibly ghosts in the Scar. Did not approach, but they did not seem hostile. Gaelardrim is useless and also an idiot.”

Of course I can’t write that, well not the last part anyway. I know why the captain sent him with me, so we could learn to work together and get along. I don’t have a problem with that, what I do have a problem with is being stuck with a useless novice who doesn’t know how to do anything. But I can’t really argue with that, it makes much more sense to have us teach them what to do rather than throw them out there alone. It’s far too dangerous, and they’re a lot safer with an experienced ranger. I just hope Nessna isn’t as frustrated with Tylenthis. Gaelardrim asked a lot of questions. He didn’t buy the right size bow, and he didn’t bring the right kind of food. He also is too loud. Shouting at him won’t work though, so I try to explain why he should do things differently.

I’m pretty sure he got ripped off buying his bow. It’s tiny, like one made for children.  It’s also cheaply made, so it’s not straight and true. The string is far too loose, so he can’t get very much distance with it. I told him to ask the captain to go into town and help him pick out a proper one — granted, he might not be able to pull a full-sized one just yet, but he’s strong and the practice will be good for him. It’s pointless to practice with the one he has now, he’ll have to correct so much for its faults and there’s only so much he can do. I had him practice shooting at a tree. He at least hit it some of the time, I guess that’s the best that can be expected right now. I know they have targets set up at the school, and I’m sure we’ll get some here at the site soon. He’ll probably do better when someone’s not watching him too.

He didn’t bring any meat, only apples. I’m sure he’ll be starving when we get back to the house, there’s usually some dinner left over so he can eat that. I guess he thought the Scourge might smell the dried meat. That makes sense, in a way, even though it’s wrong. He mentioned that he’d fought them before so I’d think he knew that, but he said it was a long time ago. It’s not something you easily forget. He told me that he used to have a brother. I didn’t know that.

I guess it was inevitable that the topic of the party would come up. He’s so weird and stubborn about that. He said he met a girl last summer at one and he mentioned meeting her there and she reacted badly, so that’s why he was intentionally vague with me. As if I was supposed to bring it up and look stupid. I told him that’s probably not going to work very well, you have to show that you’re interested or the girl is going to brush you off. He said he didn’t want to argue about it, which means that he still blames me for all of this. Whatever.

We also talked about Im a little, and how I don’t know if Aeramin is good for him or not. That’s partly just my wanting him to stay in Silvermoon so he won’t be so far away. But I do have doubts, mostly from what Im himself has told me. It seems they’ve sorted things out lately, at least if they’re having trouble he hasn’t mentioned it to me. I do want him to be happy, I guess I just figured he’d be happy closer to home. I do feel like it’s kind of a waste for him to be in Shattrath — most of the demons are gone so it’s not exactly like they need blood knights to defend against anything. I would say he’s being stupid, but since I’ve done pretty much the same thing, I can’t really say much. I just hope things work out okay for him.

I hope I can keep this patrol for a while, I like it. Although I think Gaelardrim was getting spooked by all the noises in the forest. You’d think the guy had never been outside before!


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