[Story] Fairsong Academy – Vynlorin’s Journal

Shattrath is really interesting! The buildings look like they were made out of crystal or stone — but I mean all once piece of stone, not like a regular building. Down in the lower part of the city there’s a market and there’s all kinds of huts and weird looking buildings. A lot of those are built by bird people! I’ve never seen a bird person before, I kept imagining if they were riding on a hawkstrider and you wouldn’t be able to tell them apart and it was making me laugh. I couldn’t explain it to anyone because it would sound dumb. I went with Salastion and Keyalenn, they’re two of the other guys at the school. They’re both a little bit older, but not too much. But it seems like they both know a lot more about everything. They’re taking the frost classes at school, Raleth the instructor actually lives here in Shattrath. They are going to meet him out on the Scryer’s Tier for their lesson this week. The tier is really strange because it’s made to look just like Silvermoon, so it feels a little weird seeing regular buildings in among all the weird ones. And it just feels different, I can’t explain it.

The library is amazing! They have books about every subject you can imagine, and even stuff that’s not allowed in the libraries in Silvermoon. Everyone here just acts like it’s no big deal though so I didn’t point it out to the other guys. I checked out a few to read in my room, the Magister says we can bring them back with a portal when we are finished.

The market was interesting too, I found a ton of things that I think would be helpful to my parents. I think the guy running the stall was happy I came by! He was a weird short little blue guy and it looked like he was covered with mushrooms. I explained that my parents make perfumes and he showed me a ton of different things to buy, I got some tree resins and flower extracts, as well as some different kinds of bark and dried flowers. One of them was even from some kind of bug, I think. I know my father will have fun figuring out what they all can be used for. I looked at the robes but I didn’t really see any that I liked too much, plus I didn’t want to spend all of my money. I did buy this little idol thing from one of the bird people. It’s carved out of wood and painted with bright colors, and it has feathers all over it. Salastion called it a doll, I guess it kind of is, but I don’t care. I like it, and it’s a good souvenir of our trip.

We talked about girls some too. I get the feeling they both know a lot more about that than I do. I’ve never even talked to a girl, I mean really talked. I’ve talked to them about business stuff, the times when I’ve had to help at the stall. But I’m really not very good at it, that’s probably part of the reason why they allowed me to go to magic school. Keyalenn was talking about having two girls in his room at once! I couldn’t believe that! Luckily I don’t think Xarola or Maerista are going to be interested in that. Des already has a boyfriend, that guard that comes around sometimes. So those are the only two here at school. They’re both in my fire class, and they seem pretty nice there. Maerista helps me sometimes if I get stuck, but I think she’s a little too old for me. Xarola is a beginner like me so we usually have the same homework, and she’s closer to my own age. But honestly I don’t think either of them is interested in boys right now, they’re always studying. Salastion said I should tell one of them they look pretty, but I don’t know. How do you just say that and not have it be all weird? I think I’ll stick to talking about magic.

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