[Story] Isandri’s Diary

Dear Diary,

Last night was the first time I’ve left Iannor alone with Thero. It’s not that I don’t trust him, he’s helped take care of him tons of times while I was there and I know he can do it. But I can’t help worrying that something will go wrong and I had to stop myself from running home to check about a dozen times. Thero’s a wonderful father and they adore each other, but still. I think it’s normal to worry. I just know one of these days he’s going to put him on Arelanis’s back too!

It was kind of nice to get out of the house and wear a clean dress for once, I guess. I went to the restaurant to meet Hethurin and Des. The students are here in Shattrath for a trip, the others were still in the library or he said they might have gone down to the market. There are two new students, and it’s their first time here so I’m sure they’re reluctant to leave. I remember the first time I saw the library here, it’s amazing! I was a little sad that Terellion didn’t join us, I asked Hethurin about it but he was kind of vague. I hope everything is all right, I mean I kept trying to get him to say how things were going and he was talking about the house. That’s not what I meant! So I hope it’s okay and he’s not trying to cover it up or something. I don’t know. Maybe I should talk to Terellion, or I guess Des probably has an idea but she wouldn’t say with him sitting right there. He didn’t know about the goblin holiday coming up so we had to tell him about it. I hope he does something nice, I know it’s just something the goblins made up but it’s fun anyway. I don’t know what I’ll do for Thero yet, it might be nice to go out for dinner but I don’t trust anyone (besides him) to watch Iannor. Maybe Lali, but I’m sure she’ll have plans with Raleth that night too. So maybe we could just make a nice dinner at home, it’s not the same but I’m sure he’ll understand.

Oh! Des said that Lani is seeing someone now too. I’ve only met him briefly at the school but I remember he seemed nice enough. It was just kind of a surprise, I didn’t even think she was looking to meet anyone. Hethurin said their father knows about it, so it must be serious. I hope they get married soon, I would love to go to another wedding! The garden at the school would be perfect for it! Hethurin says he doesn’t know if that will happen soon, but he did say that he’d talked to Isturon. What other reason would someone have to talk to her father, other than that? Hethurin asked if I’m finished with my apprenticeship, that’s something I need to talk to Isturon about. I mean right now I’m on a break obviously, but I do want to go back to work eventually. It’s going to be difficult though, I mean it’s not really fair to expect Thero to watch him while he’s trying to work. And I worry about  Iannor getting into enchanting materials or something, babies can get up to a lot of mischief once they can walk!

I hope I can visit the school soon, I’d like to see Rylad again. I’m sure it’ll be safe to travel with Iannor soon, and I know Mother and Father want to meet him. So does Sath. We talked a little bit about him too. I said that I’m glad he’s back and he seems to have got his life back together, or at least moving in the right direction. He was always a good ranger before and I know he’ll watch over the Ghostlands well. I haven’t brought up the subject of him visiting here yet. I’m afraid of what Thero might say. I guess it can just wait until I go there. I don’t even really understand why they dislike each other so much, as I told Des it’s just that both of them are awfully stubborn. They’d rather still be mad at each other than admit either was wrong.

Everything was okay when I got home, Iannor was fast asleep though the kitchen was a little bit of a mess. I can’t really be upset with him for that though, it’s not easy to clean when the baby wants something. Thero said they had a good time “just with the boys”. He’s funny.




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