[Story] The Ghostclaw – Reunion

The ranger felt Ru’anthar’s presence long before he saw it, the particular way the air cooled and the sensation of mist in the air. Unlike their first meeting however, he was not very happy to see the spirit cat.

“Well,” he said dryly. “What brings you here?”

The cat’s form coalesced from the mist and shadows, wisps trailing along in its wake. Its luminescent blue eyes surveyed the ruined forest below them. If a cat could frown, he was now. I would ask the same of you. What is this place?

Sath’alor was perched high on a rocky hill, overlooking the dead scar below. Hethurin’s sister was there, a tiny speck of color amidst the blackness. He was still watching to see what all the fuss was about, but thus far she’d been completely boring. She measured things on the ground, stopped to write a lot of notes in her book, then moved along. In truth, he was also keeping watch that nothing attacked her, but so far nothing had. Either the Scourge were thin in this part of the scar, or something was keeping them away from her.

“It’s my home now,” Sath’alor explained. “We’re keeping it safe.”

I noticed, Ru’anthar snorted. So many people around. Too many. I don’t like it.

“That’s how it has to be,” the ranger said, shrugging. “It’s too dangerous to be here alone. But listen, I can’t be seen talking to you, they’ll think I’m–”

I know, Ru’anthar grumbled, lashing his ghostly tail. I’m not stupid. I checked first. His gaze moved to the open book on Sath’alor’s lap. Oh I see.

Frowning, he snapped the book closed quickly. Not that there was anything there to hide — the page was still entirely blank. He hadn’t even got so far as “Dear”, he thought it might be too familiar. And then he was going to just put her name, but he didn’t know whether she used her surname or not, and then which surname she used, and whether she’d like “Lady” or not. She certainly wasn’t, at least Sath’alor didn’t think she was, but it sounded nice anyway.

I would have thought you’d learned better, Ru’anthar sighed. Tell me this one hasn’t any demons, at least?

“No demons,” Sath’alor agreed. At least not that he knew about — yet. “She does have a child though.”

Ru’anthar scrunched up his face. I can’t decide if that’s better or worse. What do you want a child for?

He was growing annoyed with the spirit cat already. “Look, I know you can’t understand because you’re a — whatever you are. But I don’t want you interfering. You can’t just show up here and tell me what to do. If you want to help me, fine. But I don’t want to hear you fussing about everything I do.”

The cat stared at him for several long moments before dropping his head to lick at a paw. I wasn’t telling you what to do. It was just a question.

“I already have a cat here,” Sath’alor pointed out.

I won’t cause any trouble for you, Ru’anthar said. Or your little friends. Don’t worry.

But as the spirit cat turned and vanished into the dark woods, Sath’alor wasn’t reassured at all.


One Response to [Story] The Ghostclaw – Reunion

  1. Oh my, it does sound like things are about to get more complicated for Sath…I’ll keep watching to see what happens next. 😀

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