[Screenshots] Adventures in Totem Town

Now that RaF is over, I finally got my Horde shaman to 90. Of the available shaman races, I really only like Tauren and I already have like a million of those, so I picked a panda. Reluctantly. Because I really really don’t like pandas, they’re kinda doofy and I really can’t think of a single panda NPC that I like (or can even stand).

But I really wanted to learn resto so I did random dungeons with her from level 15, I’m still really a noob (and forget I have abilities like Stormlash Totem and Ascendance). She hit 90 yesterday so I took her around the Isle and got up to Throne level, I took her to part one and part two tonight. She actually was able to keep up decently well, she was third overall but struggled a lot with mana regen — which figures since she’s just a hair over 4k. By comparison my druid’s over 16k, I guess I really should reforge some of that off 😛

It’s a pleasant surprise that I like her so much, it’ll be nice to have a healer red-side (other than my priest which confuses me). Isn’t she cute?! Yes of course she is.



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