[Story] Xanaroth’s Notes

* Vallindra is settling in well at the new house. When we first arrived, we walked through and took note of everything that needed repair or replacing, but it seems we’re uncovering more every day. Still, it’s in much better shape than many of the properties here, so that’s fortunate. Finding people to work here has not been easy, though. What few workers live in the area are already employed with other houses, even now in the dead of winter. I can only imagine how difficult it will be once the weather warms, which is why I want to get everything finished now.

* I did manage to find a few who were still alive (one of my key requirements), but they don’t seem especially motivated to work. They prefer to stand around joking with each other, or making busy work that doesn’t actually accomplish their task. I suggested to Vallindra that we might pay them for the job, rather than hourly. I think that might improve their motivation, though probably not their mood. I’d point out that the sooner they finish here, the sooner they can move on to another job. Vallindra has all of the details planned, we’ll have to make a trip to Silvermoon for the furnishings and bedding soon — although honestly, Shattrath might be better in terms of value. I’m just not sure if they will have the styles she wants. I suggested that we take a trip one of these evenings, just to see what they have — and perhaps get a new robe or shoes for her as well. She said that she didn’t need any. Well of course she doesn’t need it, but I want to get something for her anyway. I’ve never known a woman to refuse a shopping trip. I hope everything is all right.

* She has been busy mapping the ley-lines of the area; they were of course mapped extensively in the past, but she says that they could have shifted since then. The town was built upon one of the major ones, as she says is often the case, though the builders usually aren’t aware of it. The way she explained it, people are instinctively drawn to such places. So every morning she’s been giving me a list of things to finish, then gathering her maps and going out to work. I hope she’ll be finished soon, I miss having her here. And I’m anxious to try our new room.

* Speaking of, Beluri informed that there are others in the area. More specifically, Aeramin’s Yappy is here, and another she doesn’t know as well. Kestrae stopped by unannounced the other night — she said she followed Vallindra! Maybe I do need to go out with her, though I don’t trust the workers in our house alone, so I really can’t. She was very vague about her reasons for being here, and even more vague about why Aeramin was. We’ll have to pay a visit soon. Beluri insists there is still another, but these woods are so vast that someone could hide here forever without being discovered. The only way we’ll find its master is if they wish to be found. I may tell Beluri to speak with their imp, and mention our research in Outland.

* I can’t wait until the house is finished, and the weather warms. I’m sure I’ll enjoy staying here, and so will she.



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