[Story] The Ghostclaw – Sath’alor’s Journal

The house is getting close to being done. That’s both exciting and a little scary, because that means I have to finish all the little details and decorations and stuff. Orledin would be good at that, but I can’t exactly bring him into Silvermoon to go shopping. I mean, I could, but I think it would be kind of dangerous. I don’t want anything to happen to him (or to me) just for the sake of some curtains. Maybe he could write down some ideas, though. I thought I might ask Hethurin, because he’s good at that kind of thing too, he did all the rooms in the school. Nessna says he’d talk my ears off about “accent colors”, and she’s probably right about that. But we get along okay so I wouldn’t mind it too much. I thought about asking her because she’s a girl, but honestly I don’t think she’d be much better than I would about that stuff. It doesn’t seem like her area of expertise. Plus, I’m not sure if she’d agree to it.

She stopped by last night, by herself. Lin was back at the school, and Lani was watching Rylad. I thought it was a little strange, but I’d just served dinner so maybe she was there for that. She said she’d needed something in town, but that’s quite a distance out of the way. She didn’t mention the other night at all, I finally had to ask about it. She said she’d got it, but then didn’t say anything else about it. So maybe she didn’t like it, or thought it was improper or something. She did say she was worried that the Confessor would drink it when he was visiting. I hope not, I didn’t buy it for him!

I’m worried there may still be trouble with Lin and Gaelardrim. He said that he talked to her, but they didn’t figure things out, he’s upset that she told the girls there something, I don’t know all the details. I explained that the girls at the school are going to gossip no matter what, probably even moreso than normal girls because they haven’t got very many people to gossip about. I did ask what they said about us, but Nessna wouldn’t say. She said she doesn’t hear that much of it. I’m not sure if that’s true, I think she just didn’t want to tell us. He mentioned leaving if it became a problem, I really hope it won’t come to that. He’s young and strong, he’s untrained but that’s easy to fix. We need all of the people we can get, I don’t want to be losing people to silly misunderstandings. I told him to do his best not to let it get to him, I know how hard that is but he has to try. Nessna also mentioned that there’s a new hire at the school, a woman who used to live in Shattrath. I guess they let a lot of workers go there because they aren’t needed anymore, and she’s tending the hawkstriders at the stable now. I hope they aren’t letting too many other workers go, like roof repairmen. That’s just about the last thing I’d need.

Anyway, I’ll talk to Lin about it when I see her, but I haven’t lately. Nessna said she hasn’t either. I also wanted to ask if she’d seen anything on her unofficial patrols, I know Sorrowmoss had seen some things. It’s good to get an idea of what potential problems might be. I’m not sure that all of the trolls have moved on yet, and I know for a fact there are still some Scourge around. Other than that, I need to get out and look around on my own a bit.

Ty and Gaelardrim went to sleep not too long after dinner, and then she finally mentioned the wine. She said she liked it, but she hadn’t had a chance to try any yet. It ought to be shared, she said, but I think she meant with everyone because she said she’d bring it by here. Or I could visit there, but nothing would happen that  Rylad couldn’t see. I didn’t really expect that it would, I mean her husband only just died. It’s been almost two years since Kes left and I’m just now able to even think about it. I guess that’s not the same — Nessna knows her husband won’t ever be coming back, there’s no false hope or hanging on to see what might happen. It’ll just be a friendly visit, and maybe one day in the future it’ll be more than that. I want to prove I can be a good example for Rylad too. I think she has this idea that we’re not. True I don’t know very much but I can learn. I admit, when she was talking about camping under the stars it made me miss things like that. I just hope it doesn’t turn out badly again, I don’t think I could stand that. Maybe I should ask Hethurin about her first.


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