[Story] Imralion’s Journal

Aeramin went to the school for his classes again, which normally I don’t mind but last night his father was sober enough to come out into the kitchen and wanted to know where he was. The same place he goes every week, stupid. But I didn’t say that. Usually he just grunts and goes back to where he was, but tonight he wanted to sit there and bother me, I guess because Aeramin wasn’t around. At least he’s stopped hinting that Aeramin pays me, that’s something I guess. But he started in with how Aeramin is obviously messing around with someone else, and that’s why he’s away so much. So I explained that he was at the school teaching, and all the students are way too young. Besides, he wouldn’t do that. That went on for quite a while.

Then he starts making fun of Aeramin for being afraid of ghosts. I admit, I think it’s a little silly myself, but I don’t make fun of him for it. I told him I’d get rid of any ghosts that he saw, thankfully he hasn’t seen any so far because I haven’t the first clue how to get rid of one. He also got onto Aeramin about causing his mother to die, which is really the worst thing he says. It’s not his fault she died, he was doing the best he could, and it’s not like his father was able to care for her. I know he’s still upset about it, but I didn’t want his father to know that. I don’t understand how his own father can hate him so much. Not just him, but everything he does. Nothing is ever good enough, even down to the smallest details like what color he picked to paint a room.

Oh, and he said he wished that I was a girl. I’ve never wished that, and I’m pretty sure Aeramin hasn’t either. But he kept talking about all these girls that Aeramin knew, and how he almost got married to one. I said it was probably when he was younger and hadn’t figured everything out yet, I mean that’s pretty easy to understand. He probably thought that’s what he was supposed to do. He said sometimes girls hired him, one even hired him to go to a wedding with her and pretend to be her boyfriend. I thought that was kind of weird, girls don’t have to hire someone. They can just go to the tavern and pick up some guy, even if they are ugly. He just has to be drunk enough. The worst thing was when he said he wanted Lin to deliver his food here after we leave. Get it yourself, you can ride! And I don’t want a disgusting old drunk staring at Lin. Actually it might be good because if she noticed she’d definitely punch him or something. He’d deserve it too.

Luckily Aeramin came home not too long after that, and his father got annoyed and went back into the other room so we could eat in peace. My food’s okay, certainly better than the inn, but the food from the school is fantastic. I asked about how the classes went, there’s a couple of new students and one of them is in his class. I always worry about if they’re really cute or not, even though I just told his father I knew he’d never do that. I can’t help it. I don’t ask out loud though. Aeramin says he wants to maybe find a house for us here. I don’t know how I feel about that. I’d be closer to Lin, but I couldn’t be a blood knight and I’ve been training to do that for so many years. Plus I think if we stay here we ought to just kick his father out of this house, but Aeramin won’t. I really don’t understand it. Since we were on the subject of girls, I asked about what if we found one, you know, that liked both of us. Aeramin didn’t think many girls would agree to something like that. I guess he’s probably right, it’s not like there are any girls out here anyway. And I worry about if she liked him more or me more or something like that. What would I even say, “Oh hi you look cute, by the way that’s my boyfriend over there”. He’s probably right about that. But I do miss them sometimes. I said “a little” but sometimes it’s more than a little. He should understand that, I think. I told him he should get an eyepatch, just like the Regent Lord. They’re very popular right now and I bet girls love them.



One Response to [Story] Imralion’s Journal

  1. If there were eyepatches that weren’t leather…

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