[Story] Fairsong Academy – Letter from Vynlorin

Hi Ann’da and Minn’da,

Things are going great at school so far. I’m so glad that you allowed me to come here. I’m learning so much already! Magister Aeramin came and I got to meet him, our class is really small so he can give us all individual help. I need a lot of it, I’m afraid. It’s a little embarrassing because everyone’s so much further ahead of me, but the Magister says that if I work hard and do all my work I should make progress. There’s one girl in my class who is really good at it, she’s almost ready to take her tests I think. She’s pretty nice though, she said she’d be willing to help me if I ever get stuck. I thought that was nice of her to say. I haven’t actually talked to her yet though, outside of class I mean. Everyone here is so quiet and studious, I guess that makes sense for a mage school. I hardly ever see anyone around, really the only time is the dining room, although even then a lot of people eat in their rooms. Did I mention the food here is really amazing? The butler does most of the cooking, but there’s also a baker who makes cakes every single night. I hope they have a visitor’s day soon so you can come and try them.

Magister Aeramin ate dinner with us the other night too, I told him I’d already almost finished my reading assignment. I haven’t yet done the questions though, and that’s the difficult part. Fire magic goes back a very long time, so there are a lot of books written about it, and a lot of theories. I hope I can remember them all. I like that the teachers here are younger, they seem more like regular people instead of grumpy old magisters. The head Magister is really young, but he’s already finished his tests and has his own school. He must be really good. So far I haven’t had to try to cast anything but I hope I’m not too nervous when I do.

My “roommate” is Salastion, he’s not actually my roommate because we each have our own rooms, but we share a bathroom and the hallway. And ours are the only two rooms up here in the attic. I hope it doesn’t get too hot in the summer, but right now it’s okay. I’ve heard rumors about there being ghosts in the school, but I think they might just be trying to scare us because we are new. Salastion says he hasn’t seen any, but he did say he felt that something was watching him. Creepy! I think it’s probably just our imaginations, the forest is pretty dark and scary especially if the wind is blowing, which it has been because it’s winter. Once it’s spring and the sun comes out, and we can go out into the garden, I think it’ll be more cheerful. From my window I can see a spot that would be perfect for studying outside, underneath a big tree.

We were also talking about our upcoming trip to Shattrath. It sounds really strange, but Magister Aeramin lives there. He says it’s safe and the draenei don’t attack anyone, and also there aren’t any demons there. But out in the wilderness there are, that’s how he got burned. I’m glad he explained it, because I didn’t want to have to ask about how it happened. He also told us about the naaru and how they can read your thoughts. I asked if he meant when people are sleeping, but he said they can do it anytime. I’m not sure I like that! Hopefully there’s some way to tell when they are doing it, so you can stop if you were thinking about anything bad. Not that I was, just saying. Oh, he also said that we should visit the market, although I don’t really have any money to buy things there. If you could send some I think that would be nice! Magister Aeramin said they have a lot of books and used robes and things like that. I think I need some new robes! I’ll definitely also keep an eye out for anything that you could use for ingredients. I bet I could buy them more cheaply there than you can get now. Just let me know what to look for.




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