[Story] Fairsong Academy – Letter from Vynlorin

Dear Ann’da and Minn’da,

The school is great! It’s a little bit out in the woods, but the grounds are really large and the school itself is so large, it looks like a mansion or something. There’s a garden that must be really nice when it’s warmer, and a big statue of a dragon out in front. There’s even a butler! I met with the Magister and he agreed to give me a trial period before we have to pay anything. Mostly I want to make sure I can actually do it, and I guess to make sure there’s no hidden surprises or anything like that. He seems nice, he said there are also two other instructors who come once a week for specialized lessons in frost magic and fire magic. I told him that I was especially interested in fire magic. There’s a couple of other students who are as well, I met one of them last night at dinner. She’s a beginner too, so I won’t feel like I’m the most behind. I haven’t met the other students yet, but she told me about them. Hopefully I will today.

Everyone asks where I’m from and I always tell them about the stall. I think I could probably bring some samples to give people, if the Magister would allow that. I bet I could get them interested in coming and buying some. Right now I’m staying in one of the guest rooms, it’s really fancy! It’s way bigger than my room at home, and I don’t have to share it. The butler is finishing up my actual room, it’s one of two that are up in the attic. I hope it won’t be too cold up there, but he said there are fireplaces. The other room is empty so far, but hopefully another new student will come soon. I’m curious to see who my neighbor will be. We have to share the bathroom, but that’s not so bad. The Magister also said I can help pick the decorations for my room, I’m not even sure what I want yet! Oh, he also said that they often go on trips, I’m really excited about that. I’ll be sure to let you know if I see any good ingredients while I’m there. I know Shattrath probably has a lot of unusual plants and things that you could use.

Oh there’s also a stable with hawkstriders and dragonhawks, so I can probably borrow them to come home and visit. But there’s also a mail drop in town so mostly I can use that, the butler takes it down every morning. It’s so weird to think they have a butler! Besides doing butler things, he also cooks. The food here is so good! Xarola (that’s the girl I was talking to) said that they just had a big winter ball and he made all the food for it. I hope they have another one soon, so you can come and try it. I’m kind of sad that I missed it. There’s also a younger guy who does the baking, last night we had this apple cinnamon cake after dinner, it was amazing. I really can’t believe there aren’t more people at this school! It’s great! I just hope I’ll be able to keep up with the lessons. I’ve read every book I can get my hands on though and I’ve been able to make a flame move before, although that might have been because of a draft. I guess I’ll find out soon enough. I’m kind of nervous about it, and I also hope the other students are nice.

I’ll write again soon!




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