[Story] Fairsong Academy – Raleth’s Lesson

I held my first class at the academy yesterday. It’s been so long since I had any students that I floundered a little at first, but I quickly found my path again and I think it went well. Not all of the students came, but three of them did — Keyalenn, Des, and Renner. That’s plenty for now! Ice magic is still something of a novelty among sin’dorei and isn’t as well known as the other disciplines, I’m happy that there was some interest though. Keyalenn in particular seems very eager to progress. From talking to Hethurin, it sounds as if he’d had some trouble keeping focused before, but perhaps he just needed to find the right subject to hold his interest. I gave him some reading to do before our lesson next week, he’d already had extra work from Hethurin though so I promised to discuss that with him. From what Keyalenn said, it was punishment for a prank he’d pulled earlier in the year. Of course I don’t condone that kind of thing, but it sounded harmless enough, and I don’t really think it’s fair for him to be punished for it so long after the fact. Hopefully my coursework will keep him busy and he won’t have time for putting frogs in desks.

Hethurin intends to take on two new students as well, though I don’t think any have applied yet. Terellion and Tik are fixing up the rooms in the attic to accomodate them, and next will be the practice rooms. At some point, students will probably have to share those, but they could at least be grouped by discipline. Hethurin asked if my classroom was warm enough, I’m not sure if that was meant to be a joke or not — a room that’s too warm makes frost magic more difficult — but I told him that it was suitable. Actually, it’s very nice. I only wish I had a study as nice as the ones here.

I did stay for dinner, as I told Lali that I would. Thankfully, Hethurin agreed to let me bring a plate home for them. Tik’s food is wonderful, and I know Lali will appreciate not having to cook for an evening. I hope it’ll make her feel better after being left alone all day. I want to bring her here; I think she’d enjoy the library very much, and Naraleth could play with Rylad. But I don’t want to put her or Hethurin’s school in danger, and I don’t know the students well enough to know how all of them would react. All it would take is one word to the guards… then again, maybe hiding in plain sight would work. Who would believe that a kaldorei was in a sin’dorei magical academy? I worry about Sorrahn doing something while I’m away. I have no idea how much he knows about us or our habits. As tempting as it might be, I couldn’t uproot Lali again, either. It’s bad enough that she’s already so far from home. Moving again would take her away from the city, she’d essentially be a prisoner inside the school. Shattrath is still the best option — for now at least.


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