[Story] The Ghostclaw – A Social Gathering

That didn’t turn out as well as I’d hoped. What kind of a captain am I going to be if I can’t even arrange a night of relaxing? Gaelardrim somehow ended up at the wrong tavern, and sat there waiting for us all before finally giving up and going home. He’s probably upset and I’m going to have to explain that it was a mistake, and figure out which other place he went to. The new girl — Sorrowmoss — didn’t come either, though I didn’t really expect that she would. She’s still wary of us I think, and she doesn’t seem as compelled to fit in as Orledin does. Maybe that’s because she’s a ranger and used to solitude, or maybe because she’s been you know, dead longer. I think Orledin might be the key to getting her integrated though, she’ll likely trust him more than us because he’s more like her.

The girls wanted wine, which was more expensive than the ale of course, but I guess I don’t mind. I got some food too, they wanted soup so I got a big pot of that for everyone. It wasn’t the best soup ever, but it was a lot better than the stuff back at the inn. Neither of them wanted to talk or anything, so I’m having second thoughts about what Ty said. I realized it’s the first time I’ve actually been around women of the proper age, and they’re both experienced rangers, on top of that. Not prissy Silvermoon girls with fancy dresses — well, Lin did wear her dress but she only has a couple. Her brother’s with Aeramin though, and I know it’s unfair but it would always be in the back of my mind. Do I really want to go to holiday dinners with him? Then again, Nessna’s family is pretty crazy too. Last night she was talking about how her parents are always arguing. I also don’t think she’d be interested in anything like that so soon after her husband died. I don’t think I would if the places were reversed.

And I can’t exactly ask that either, not without looking like a giant creep. So are you over him yet, can I buy you a drink? That’d go over well. I could put us on the same patrol, once we start those, but I think she’d probably figure that out pretty quickly. Besides, I’d rather pair the more experienced rangers with the newer people, at least at first. She went out to look for Gaelardrim when he was late, and she didn’t want anyone to go with her. But I did because I was worried she might need help or something. From what? I don’t know, what’s going to happen in Silvermoon? I stayed back behind though and pretended to be looking at the shop windows. She went into the tavern and asked about him, I waited outside. I don’t think she saw me on the way out, or she didn’t say anything if she did. Well, she did smile but that could mean anything, people smile at each other all the time. It’s polite. Or they could be trying not to laugh. They didn’t want us to walk them home either, they decided to get a portal from one of the mages there at the tavern. I made sure he wasn’t too drunk, hopefully. I guess it’s a lot faster, and it was getting pretty late. The three of us walked home though, I took back one of the miniature pies for Gaelardrim so hopefully he won’t be too upset.

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