[Story] Fairsong Academy – Maerista’s Journal

I’m back from break and classes have started up again. Which is good, I think I might have got a little rusty during. My parents haven’t a room that’s safe for me to practice in, and obviously I can’t do it outside. I would have gone to the sanctum, but we had guests or some party going on practically every minute I was home. I mean, I like the parties of course, and Father got me two new gowns, in addition to the one he already sent. But I realized just how tiring it is to have to smile and make small talk all day with people you don’t even really know. It’s such a contrast to here at the school where I am pretty much alone all the time aside from class. I can read and write notes and study and practice, and no one even notices.

Mother did remember to invite some boys, since I not so casually mentioned that to Father not too long ago. They were all polite, and nice looking, but none of them really stood out to me very much, and none were studying magic either. I think I’d rather someone who was, but I’m really not sure. The other night I was studying at one of the dining tables because it was almost dinner, and several of the other girls came in and sat down. They didn’t ask me to leave so I just half listened while I was working. Nessna and Lin are rangers with the new unit here in the Ghostlands, and Lani and Des were there too. They were all talking about boys, Nessna was saying ways to get them to look at you, such as wearing something that pushes your breasts up. Really! How improper! I mean maybe that’s okay for a ranger to do, but not a mage apprentice. Des was talking about the farm boy that she likes, I guess he came by here again and she kissed him. I wonder what Keyalenn is going to think about that. I hope that doesn’t mean he’s going to start bothering me. Lin still doesn’t have anyone, but the others were trying to get her to talk to one of the ranger guys who apparently doesn’t remember her. I don’t know, I think not remembering someone is a pretty bad sign. Lani thought the whole thing was improper, which is weird considering I know the Confessor is coming to visit her. And she’s admitted that she’s kissed him. But I guess maybe they sip tea and discuss the weather during his visits, I don’t know. He does kind of seem like the type who would do that.

I haven’t even got to talk to Ter since I got back, aside from a hello in the hallway. He and Tik have been busy fixing up the rooms in the attic so we can get new students. I’m not sure how I feel about that. I guess it’s a good thing, maybe they’ll be a little bit more friendly. Magister Firewind certainly has time for another student, right now I’m his only one. And I think the new mage is starting to teach classes this week. I wish he’d bring his baby by!



One Response to [Story] Fairsong Academy – Maerista’s Journal

  1. Farm boy… He’d be offended. He’s a city boy!

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