[Story] Sath’alor’s Notes

[[ Sorry about the quiet, but kids are back to school and guests are all gone home, so I have time to write again now! Yay! ]]

The other night there was a man looking for work, he’d been on the island building and had heard there was a lot of work here. I’m glad I found him before someone else did! Last night we all had a meeting to talk about the plans for the ranger building. I was happy that everyone we have so far was able to come; Nessna had to invent an excuse to get out of the house, but Lani eventually let her. I know how that is! Hopefully Lani will be distracted enough now that she won’t smother Nessna, and she can come help us more. Obviously she can’t do any of the more heavy work, but there’s got to be something she can help with. I want to get everyone involved, so they’ll feel more invested in it. Granted, everyone’s already shown so much enthusiasm, it’s really great. I know that coming back here was the right thing to do now, I wasn’t too sure at first. And I wasn’t too sure at that stupid party, but being around rangers again has reminded me. Even if all of them aren’t proper rangers yet. That’s easy to fix, and there’s plenty of things to practice on out here.

Gaelardrim (that’s the new guy) has already been a great help, he took down all of our ideas for things we wanted and did a rough drawing. He’s going to take it into Silvermoon and get a proper plan drawn up. Fortunately, we’ve been given a small budget by the Regent Lord’s office in order to build, because we’re going to be protecting the citizens out here. They didn’t have to do that, but it’s really nice that they did. Our building will be well built with everything we need. It’s quite a list! We’ll need two separate sleeping areas, weapon storage, a good-sized kitchen, storage — I asked if they could put in an area to cure skins. I know it’s kind of a weird request, but I hate to see all those skins go to waste when I know Father could use them. I think a stable would also be a good idea, not that we have any hawkstriders now, but we could eventually. Easier to plan for it now rather than later. Gaelardrim has to go and make measurements of the foundation and the area before he can do the plans, though. I don’t really think anything of the old building is usable; most of the wooden beams were burned and the stonework is all crumbled either from damage or weather. Maybe we’ll be able to salvage a few stones and we can use them somewhere. It would be a good reminder of the past.

It’s going to take quite a while to get everything done, we could hire more people on but it’s difficult to find workers here, especially now that it’s cold. If we do it with fewer, I can pay them all more, and I think they’d appreciate that. I’m not getting paid, at least from the grant. The only money I’m taking in right now is from the skins, and most of those get sent to Father. But I have a decent amount saved up, enough to live on for a little while at least. I don’t have too many expenses out here, really, now that the house is paid for. I’m happy that we’ll be able to sleep there now. The inn is pretty awful, and costs too much for what you get. We won’t have our own rooms or anything, but we can put some padding on the floor for now. Sort of like we’re at camp or something. I hope Ty isn’t going to talk about women too much. They were on it again last night. First of all, Lin and Nessna were sitting right there and I’m sure they didn’t appreciate it. Second, I don’t want them bringing a bunch of girls back to the ranger quarters, and I told them that. They can pay for a room at the inn like everyone else if they want to do that. Especially if Nessna is going to have her son living there. I mean, it’s probably the safest place to be out here, surrounded by a bunch of rangers, but it still makes me a little nervous. What if he gets into something dangerous? She seemed to think it was okay though, so he can stay with them in the womens’ quarters, at least for a while. Maybe when he’s older he can help around the pl


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