[Story] Fairsong Academy – Winter Veil Ball

I was worried that Hethurin wouldn’t like his gifts, but I guess I shouldn’t have. I don’t think he took his eyes off the dragonhawk cake once until it was cut! I overheard some people talking about it, they all thought it was bought from a shop. I’m really pleased that it turned out so well, and it should because I spent long enough on it! I’d like to try making another fancy cake like that, but I don’t know when we’ll have another party. I guess maybe for Hethurin’s birthday, but that won’t be for a long time, and I’m afraid that he’d be upset about it if I did. He sure didn’t like when I made one this year, even though I didn’t put the number on. I was just trying to do something nice for him and show him that I cared. Hopefully this one makes up for it. I think it tasted good too!

I gave him the shoes later, upstairs. I think he liked those too, he said he had a couple of robes that they would match perfectly with. But in truth I think he liked the cake the best. He got me a really fancy cloak, I feel like I’m a king or something when I put it on. I’ll have to find an excuse to work outside so I can wear it, though my nose and ears get so cold out there. I guess I wouldn’t feel very much like a king with red ears and nose. He also paid Mother’s house for the entire year. I can’t believe he’d spend that much money on me — not even me, really. My family. I feel like he’s given me so much and I don’t know how to pay him back. My mother is worried that we’re both too young to decide anything like that, and she’s a little bit worried that he’s spending a lot of money on me. But I guess I should be thankful that she’s taking it pretty well. I felt kind of silly if she’d actually suspected all this time, I guess I should have just talked to her about it before — but who talks to their mother about that? I don’t know what my father would have thought. I haven’t asked her either. I guess it doesn’t matter now. My sisters were cute in their dresses, they kept chasing each other through one of the hallways. Luckily no one was trying to dance there.

In spite of everything that’s happened this year, I think this was the best Winter Veil yet.

Aeramin got me a ring for Winter Veil. I really like it, it’s gold and red and black and it looks perfect for a blood knight. It even matches my armor, and I know how that sounds, but it’s true. But he didn’t really say anything, he just kind of gave me the  box. So I wasn’t sure if it was just a ring or like, a ring that meant something important. He also gave it to me in the middle of the ball with everyone around so it was pretty awkward asking but I wanted to know. Tylenthis was there, he’s one of the guys in Linarelle’s new unit. He was asking if she was there and I said I didn’t know; as far as I knew she’d planned to attend, but I didn’t see her there. Maybe she’s sick or something, I should probably go check. If so, it’s probably from eating the inn food. I’m so glad we should be able to leave soon. We just have to finish up some painting; Aeramin’s father decided to vandalize some of the walls. Of course he claimed it wasn’t him, nevermind that there was the same color paint on his hands and clothes. I swear that man acts like a child sometimes. Anyway, Tylenthis asked about Lani too and I said that I had seen her, but I think she’d already gone home. He seemed to have the same idea as we did: make sure we tried everything on the food table.

I think Aeramin got the wrong idea by my asking though, he said it didn’t matter what he thought it meant and that it was up to me. But that’s why I wanted to talk about it, so I knew. I don’t think he’s really used to talking about stuff like that, and neither am I, but being confused is worse. I mean, I’m happy with him and I do love him, it was just… kind of a surprise that he felt that way, I guess. I certainly don’t remember talking about staying together forever. It’s not that I don’t want to, I do. It’s just that, I don’t know, he always wants to do things a certain way and maybe sometimes it’d be nice to do things another way for a change. And I guess I can write this because I hope he won’t ever read it, but I admit that I miss girls sometimes. I’m afraid to tell him that because of how I know he’d react, I’d be upset if he said it to me too — except that he might know what I mean because he’s had girlfriends before. So I don’t feel any less confused than before, I feel more confused. Hopefully once we get home again, everything will make sense. Though I do like staying here, if it was just him and me in the house it would be great. It’s just his father being difficult all the time.

I think he liked the paints, though of course it’s not as impressive as a ring. He said he’d have to practice painting and I would have to model for him. I definitely agree. Though I don’t really know if I want a painting like that of me where I have to look at it often, I think that would be kind of awkward. Maybe if he was in the painting too.



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